Friday, January 28, 2011

Welcome to our world little Brayden!

These are some of the sweet faces that came to visit you while we were still in the hospital! You were very popular on the maternity floor B-man!

This is your Uncle Jason

This is your daddy's Uncle Howard and Aunt Phyllis!

I just love this photo! Your daddy is so proud!

Here is your Aunt LeAnne and your cousins! They all love you so much

This is your Great Grandmother Foresee

Your sweet grandparents (Honey and Granddaddy) and your big sister Sophia

They are so in love with you and your sister!

This is your Aunt Kitty Kat holding you for the first time

This is your other great grandmother, Moss

This is your Aunt Kim and bff Cade, he may marry your sister one day.

I heart you both!

Proud Momma

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