Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Your first....

Most women remember everything that happens in their life. As little girls we scribble it in our diaries, as teens we move into writing in our journals, then we grow up to be a mommy and I have it all jotted down on to do lists (lists are a must, I will never forget it if it is on a list!)

In these diaries and journals you may have listed all of your firsts.....

The first kiss. (ughhh, this was so sad, I had no idea what I was doing I forgot to breath and then there was the string of spit as I jerked away so quickly. You would have thought I was electrocuted.)

Your first date. (I was dropped off by my parents at the Dixieland Mall to see a movie with Mike Archer, o- the romance for a 9th grader!)

Your first car. (the red Acura. I had it for 11 years, such a good car)

Your first day of college. (Oh-the U of A, the memories. I first class was Eng Comp 1 at 7:30 a.m., Monday morning. I was a few minutes late. My teacher, Ms. Csleyini (did not speak English very well), was very quick to tell the class she will start her classes on TIME!, yowza!) Should have taken the bus to class, that is what a smart kid would have done, but I walked to class from my dorm. 7:30 a.m.+humid sticky August morning in Arkansas+ natural curly hair= sweaty Caryn with big hair walking to class (so much for making friends on my first day at school!)

Your first job. (The Perfect Choice gift shop. It was an after school job and I ended up staying with Gwenie for years, she is like my utha mutha!)

Your first love. (real and unconditional love, my husband, then my babies)

Your first birth experience. (yikes, what a fiasco, no book can prepare you for that)

The first time you eat a chocolate cake and realize that you ate the cake and will never be able to exercise enough to get the cake off of your thighs!!
And then, your first spanx!
As I get older I have noticed that many things have changed, one of them being that my swimsuit model body has gone through "the change"! (Those of you who know me, should be laughing at that comment, you know I am not serious!) I have now had two children and eat like I am pregnant with a third. Things just are not what they used to be. I have noticed that as you age so does your body. Your skin wrinkles and things sag (I will leave it at that), some things do not bounce back like you would hope that they would!

So, to spanx or not to spanx, that is the question. Yikes!!
Yes, the under armor that sucks you in and smooths you out!
(That does not sound comfortable to me at ALL!) There are actually 3 levels of spanx: medium, super, and SUPER DUPER! Really?

Look, they do not even show this woman's face, probably because she is so sucked in that she cannot breathe!! At least she will look more flattering in her pants (like she has a problem, since she looks like a size 2!)

I could consider this swimsuit, look at how cute this is!

I am loving the red off the shoulder suit. It says yes I swim but I could go out salsa dancing in this suit! Love it!

They even have spanx for men (YIKES). I am not even gonna go there!

So, have yal bought into this? Am I the last girl on the planet to have not already purchased this stuff? Should I have been wearing this mess already? I so need to get with the program.

Hope yal are having a great day.

Love yal!



I'm Just Beachy said...

I am going to St. Lucia in May. Might have to take a look at those swimsuits!

hollie marie said...

Spanx for men?! No way.

I will admit I have a pair (is it considered something like a pair?) of spanx... and while they work really well under things like dresses, eating is sometimes out of the question!