Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Beach Photo Shoot....

I miss vacation...

This year, during our family vacation, my momma...

(I post this picture, so she will be in the post. I have no shots of her on the beach:( (sad face))

arranged for us to have a family picture taken. The whole family was dressed in white and khaki and the back drop would be the beach! So much fun and original (I know!).

Here is the scene:

I wish I could have taken more pictures, but as we were walking out to the beach, I was holding my camera.....

(man voice) The photographer was like: I am going to have to ask that you put that away if I am taking any photos.

(sweet precious girl voice) and I was like: What?

(man voice) then he was like: I will be taking the photos, if ya could just put that away

(Sweet precious girl voice) and I said: Humm? (I was scared to take any photos, and I was even a bit taller and a wee bit heavier, but I just put the photos in his beach cart....such a chicken. It is not like I would not buy any of the shots he took, but whatev!

So, now I was too afraid to take any photos, but not momma! She had her phone and was taking a few quick snaps of everyone (none of these were shots that the photographer was doing!!) We will be ordering those soon to hang on our wall, they are sooo wonderful!!she loved her dress.

Granddaddy and his girl

love them!

me and my peeps. look at how tan I am...haha!

my brother

sweet sister


Katie and other brother Richard

Now that I look at me in this dress it make my boobs look oddly droopy and like I maybe with child! Ya live ya learn..

me and my loves

some of my very best friends. they are so handsome.

Jason looks like he may be bustin some rhymes..

shes a looker!

steals my heart.

I heart vacation.

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Darius Cartmell said...

Aw, the camera man wanted to be the only photographer then! Maybe that's the way he does his job. Anyway, good thing you were still able to take some photos of you along the way. Wearing white clothes while at the beach can make you look and feel fresher, and it looks like you had a great time at the beach. You should go on more vacations like this! Bonding with the family is a good habit.