Sunday, November 27, 2011

Get ouch ya ladder....

unstring the lights, cause our house is gonna be a glowin' tonight!!

Not sure if you have heard of this little Christmas classic.....
It is one of my all time favorite movies! Have yal seen it? I crack up in tears each time I watch it. Funny stuff.

Ever since we have lived in our home, I have begged Aron to please hang some Christmas lights on our house. I think that they are so pretty, and I just L-O-V-E driving around during the holidays looking at other peoples outside decor. So, each year I beg, and each year goes by with no lights. The infinite sadness!!
This year, I am not sure what happened to Aron, but he has decided to take on this challenge.

I think it has something to do with these two!

My husband has also decided to not take advantage of the most beautiful and unusual warm weather we have been having and chose this afternoon to hang lights. Well, if you live in NWA, you are laughing cause folks, it be chilly outside!

Here is Sophia watching her daddy through the window. Every few minutes she runs back to me and her brother and says, "Momma it's cold, Daddy cold." Yes, my genius child can tell this is not a good day to be on the house hanging lights, but o well. Hopefully, she cannot hear all of the Christmas cheer coming out of his mouth each time he drops a light hanger. Also, our ladder is a 5 foot, this makes for a interesting climb onto and off of the house. I am sure that the neighbors have broken out their hot cocoa and video cameras filming my dare devil guy jumping off of the house. This is his look at me when I asked him if he checked the lights before hanging them.

His answer: No, I am just hoping that they will work. They are new.

Me: Oh, well yeah. Sure. New lights.

Well, after almost three hours, and only 1/2 of the front of our not mansion size house completed, we have run out of lights, and hangers.

So, tonight.... we rest.


Tomorrow night, we will hopefully have a house that can be viewed from outer space, a house that passer byers must put on sun shades because of the amazing brightness, a house that will bring people from miles and miles.....

Yes, I want the Griswold house!! Beauty.

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Cory said...

There is nothing like a Griswold Christmas! :) Hope your lights turn out BEAUTIFUL!!!