Wednesday, November 16, 2011

He's growing up!

Well, it is official! Brayden is growing up. He will be 11 months in a few weeks, the boy army crawls every where, he jibber and jabbers all day long, eating puffs and cereal with his hands, saying dadadada!! Soon, he will be dating and applying for college...sob, tear, sniffle, sniffle. Just wanted to share his latest accomplishment. Last night he pulled up to the standing position, the video is his second try. This morning, it is all that he wants to do. Heaven help me, but it will be soon when he and his sister are chasing each other around the house and knocking each other off of the furniture!

After I recorded the video, I looked at Aron and just blurted out, "O my god". Not the best choice of phrase, but it just came outta my mouth. Well, for the next 10 minutes it is all that Sophia would say. She is a repeater yal!!

Note to self: watch what I say and the tone of how I say it, I am setting an example for my little people all of the time!!

Love yal!


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