Sunday, November 13, 2011

I got tha feva!!

In case yal have been wondering what has happened to me??? Well, I got tha fe-va!

Not the scarlet fever. Not the rheumatic fever. But.....

Razorback fe-va!!!

Yes, each weekend, this family is camped in front of a television cheering on our favorite team or we are calling those HOGS at the stadium!!

Do you have a favorite college team? If you do not, you should check the HOGS out!
Here we are with my brother Richard! This was from last nights game when we played Tennessee. We won like 49 to 7 or something! It was a big win for us!

My Uncle Robert sitting behind us last night!!

Me and my boys!

A few weeks ago.

Yes, my child has on Razor-shoes!!

B-baby does so good at the game! Hopefully, he will choose to be a Razorback too!

Aron and his boy!
My other brother and his friend Nicole!

G-daddy and his Brayden

Bray cheering for his team!

Woo Pig!

Too cute!

Our cheerleader!

Daddy and his girls!

Kisses for G-daddy!


This was the last time we will tailgate (for awhile)! 2 kids 2 and under= 2 much!!

Aron looks concerned that G-daddy is restin' before the big game!

Razorback fan!

Aunt Kitty and Brayden

Sophia teaching her daddy about an iphone!

Mikey Sean and Jason

G-daddy gettin in the ZONE

Sophia and Taylor

I am already tired and the game has not even started!

He is why I am already worn out!

The girls before the game

Uncle Rich and Bray

Woo Pig Sooie!!

Just wanted to let yal know, I am doing fine with the fe-va! It is very contagious!!



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Rebecca Bany said...

My husband would love this post. He is a huge Razorback fan.