Saturday, November 26, 2011

Pretty Pretty Princess and Shark Boy

Time is sure flying by. I just cannot seem to find enough time in the day to keep up our family blog! I am slacking! Today, I have decided it is time I get back on track with our daily posts. The babies are growing so quickly and doing such quirky things, and I am starting to forget to put them in a more permanent place!! So, were back!

So, Happy Halloween!

This year, the kids were so cute! Just loved getting them dressed up and taking them to my sister's house and then to my parents. What a fun time we had! Sophia wanted to be a pincess (princess) and Brayden, well he had no choice in the matter, so he was a shark.

Introducing.... Pretty Pretty Pincess and Shark Boy!


These two are such characters!

Sophia is so excited!!

Lovey shark

Fun family picture!

I tried to get a pic with Honey, Granddaddy, Kitty, and Aron with kids (this was the best of the bunch!!)

This was taken outside with my cellphone, so the quality is not so great and their eyes all look scary. But this is Aron and his sister, and the kids.

It seems so funny to do this post now, since we have just eaten a Thanksgiving dinner and are decorating for Christmas! Ha!


I think this week I may start potty training Sophia, is that crazy? Is this going to be too stressful? She is showing some signs that she is into it, but do you have any tips of how to p.t.?? Would love the input or any tricks (or special pills that you give them and they just start going, in the potty!) HELP a Momma OUT!!!

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