Thursday, August 29, 2013

Ummm, my dolly is 4!

I am just shocked at how time is flying by.
I feel like it was just yesterday when we brought our precious baby girl home from the hospital.
It was all such a blur, me constantly feeling like I was over feeding my tiny baby, crying all of the time because I knew nothing about what I was doing (even though I daily referenced that What to Expect book), sad about where all of those stretch marks had just showed up from (I never noticed them before Sophia got here), and wondering if I would ever be able to sit comfortably anywhere (without a doughnut pillow in tow). I was a crazy crazy nut job mess 4 years ago, but the only thing that made me hold on to the hopes of a better next day was my girl (and the thought of Aron being left to do the whole baby care taker thing on his own... it was terribly frightening)!  I was a momma, to this bundle of preciousness, and I just had to get it together
Well, that was then...
 Looks like we made it, it is 4 years later.
Sophia is still as wonderful as the day we brought her home.  She has just become the most spunky, precious, fun loving, smart girl, and each day steals my heart.  Who knew you could love something so much?  She is such a blessing to our family, and I would be forever sad had she never made an appearance in our life.  I truly feel so proud to be her momma, and I thank God everyday for her.
A few weeks ago, we had Sophia's birthday party at Jump Zone, it is just a huge building with a lot of bouncy houses.  This was her request, a My Little Pony jumpy bounce party.  Well, we aim to please.  This was our first time to really have a birthday party with friends, we normally just have a family party, and it was such a fun time!


Happy Birthday to our girl!

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