Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Welcome to thought dump Tuesday....

Much to discuss, and feel it would be best to just have a hodge podge post, enjoy!!!
1.  Shut the front door!  Last week, there was some talk/ rumors about a big time movie star moving to B-town.  When I heard the rumors, I was like, "no", and people were like, "yes", and I was still like,"no", but people were doing research on houses being sold and talking to people that know someone who know someone that knows someone who knows her husbands friends trainer (sounds like a lot of hear say, because it is), but the word on the street is that Julia Guglia....
is moving to our town!
Oh, never heard of her, how about....Josie Gellar??
aka Josie Grossie!
Still nothing...
How about Ca-sey (this should be shrieked in a high pitch voice).
(Just a side note, my brothers commented that all of these Scream movies were no good after her character died (FYI, she died in the first few minutes of the very first movie..... Ooops, spoiler alert)!
Okay, game over.
Its Drew Barrymore.

2.  My parents are having a garage sale soon, and this past weekend, I helped go through some old things.  Well, folded up and stuck in a book I found an old doodle page from my younger years.  All I could do was laugh as I read it.  It was my name and my "future" husband's name with our future children's names.... All 19 of them.
Sweet Jesus!
I wanted to be "Mrs. Duggar" long before I even knew there was a Mrs. Duggar! Ha!  
Oh, the things I would tell "young Caryn"...
1.  If you have all of these children, some even with the same name, your uterus will hate you and all of your organs will simply fall out every time you walk.
2.  Really... Stop doodling silly things and read the book that you are going to slide this note into or work on your math homework!
3.  You really wanted to name a child Gentry.... after a town that has the local drive thru safari??  Y'all, I was a weird girl.

3.  Over the past few weeks, I have become addicted to spray tans.  There is just something about having a wee bitta color.  I feel like I look a little healthier and feel better about myself!  It only lasts about 6/7 days, but it is so worth it to me! I will admit, being sprayed is a lil embarrassing, seeing as how the past times I've done it, I did not know which way was the front or the back of the paper pantie you wear (so no telling what the sprayer lady was thinkin' when she strolled into work) one gal who sprayed me told me to hoist up my girls (which I laughed), and then another time my paper pantie only covered 1 side of my buttock, so when I got home and did a once over, I looked at my back side and noticed that 1 side of my hiney was all bright and shiny, and it looked crazy, why oh why did the sprayer not say hey girl, fix that!  I guess I shouldn't have been so focused on sucking in my belly and flexing my muscles like I was on parade at Mrs. Muscle USA!
4.  I am still in love with my cabinets, and am so very excited to get painting on some other things!

5.  I turned 34 on the 27th, and my Moss and Momma hosted a Sunday morning birthday breakfast for me.  I was so excited to sleep until 840 and then go to her house by 9!  I was surrounded by my  loves, and was so happy I could have just wet myself
and from the looks of this picture, it looks as if I did (no seriously, look under the seat, there is a puddle)  Ha!

6.  This is random, thus the reason it is in this post, but this guy was found on my parents doorstep.....
Heebie-fa-reeking-jeebies!!  Biigest bug I have ever seen!  It was like National Geographic big!
now that i look at my photo, i guess it does not look that large!
7.  And, because this is a family blog.... My babies....

Or monkeys.
The other day, the two of them ate 6 bananas..... Before 11.

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