Monday, May 12, 2014

I'm just gonna put this out there....

I like old stuff and I cannot lie....
That's it.  Old things, and I am not talking like "old" Taco Bell, or the smell of "old" milk, or even "old" fashion trends
(hello "the feathered bang")
Sorry, Dee-j, but I did it too, and it was not pretty, on anyone.... ever.
I am all about old people....
(hello, Robert Redford... major babe! (are the kids still saying that these days?)
old movies....
Spring... Spring... Spring!!
This movie will make you wanna sing, dance, and go to a barn raisin'!  Trust me, just go watch it, your gonnal love it!
old dogs.....
Hello, Benji.
old pieces of furniture......
This sits in my Bear's room right now.  It was my MamMaw's, but she got if from a flea market many many years ago.  It is wonderful, because it was hers.
the old style chicken nuggets from McDonalds  (sorry, I do not know how that got in here)...
and old houses!
Yes, old houses!
That's right, I am on the look out for nothing new, just a little bit of a fixer upper, a little home that is in need of some tender lovin' care, a home with some history!
To my husband:  Yes, this is happening!
Point in case, that little ole jewel that I found when Aron went outta town a few weeks ago!
I love her.

She was built in 1900, and she is lovely.
So much charm, but only one problem....
#1.  We have a house, that is not on the market or sold.
#2.  Oh yeah, I really do not think that my husband is on the beautiful, historic, 1900 jewel train! Ha
Until he climbs aboard, I will just have to dream.
This past weekend, my grandmother and momma asked if I would like to go on a tour of historic homes in our area.  Hello, I immediately jumped at the chance.  I'm just gonna lay it out there, our town is lovely and we have a some of the most wonderful older homes that have been restored to their former beauty.  This was such a treat, because not only was I able to go into some of the homes, but we were told tiny tidbits of many along our stroll.
The day was so fun, just being with the girls.
Oh, yeah.  There was that one house where I turned around and came face to face with a mommy blogger whom I have loved to read over the past few months.  Most people would just smile and walk away, I mean, really, I did not want to look like I was a stalker, but NO!  I looked at her face and DINGDINGDING!  I said, "o my gosh (kinda like I was Suzanne Sugarbaker.... I do not know, yes, I live in the south but sometimes when super excited and nervous I channel a deep southern drawl like I was a cast member of Designing Women).  Anyways, I was all, "o my gosh, I read your blog!"  Imagine this being said like super loud (yes, when nervous I talk like the person I am speaking to is 90 years old)!  The kind lady, I will give her a pseudonym, as I do not want people that may really know her to think I am a complete and total whack job.  Her name is Benny Jupiter, and she has a blog titled.... Dressings and Teardrops, okay so I put the link up to her blog but I only do that because it is wonderful, and I love that she has a sweet mama heart, and that she loves old homes and making them into beautiful spaces, and because I pray over her and her family as they have a daughter (that they have adopted) from the Congo, and this has been their girl for some time, but the Congolese government will not release any of the children out of the country that have been adopted.  It is heart wrenching and I am just praying that their little one soon is able to come home to be with them.  Seriously y'all check it out, read it, learn how you can help, and pray for them, sometimes that is the easiest and best thing to do for someone.  Back to the SMFH (Slap-My-Forehead) story, I'm loud talking, Sugarbaker acting, crazy, and I introduce myself (yes, I gave my real name), and you will never believe what she did, she introduced me to her husband and her little ones.... I... DIE.  They were so friendly.  Seriously.  Love 'em.
Anyways... note to self.  If I read your blog, and I do not personally know you, I will not be doing that again.  I walked away kicking myself thinking o-my lawd, even my grandmother was could not walk away fast enough from me (really, she could not get away fast enough, she had that hip replacement and fell a few weeks ago, so she is just not fast at all right now, but I know she was wishing she had her GO-GO- GADGET LEGS on! HA!
Enough a that.... enjoy the home tours!
Fascinating tidbit, a long long time ago, the couple that lived here went through a divorce, and ended up having to split everything....every...thing!  They house was split down the center and the other half of this house is a few blocks away!  Hello, crazy!!
This is the coolest house... did not photograph well, because I was walking.  This is the Linebarger house, and the rocks/ stones that built this house were brought in from the bluffs/ hills/ what have ya, in Bella Vista.  I thought that was cool.
This house is on Central and I do wish I had a before picture of this house, because it was sad.  I'm just gonna say it.... I knew it could be turned into something so lovely, and it is looking amazing!  It is for sale, if you are looking.
Really, I mean, can I live in you?  For sale!
O my gosh... this house is amazing.  Walked through it, this is where I had the run in with local famous mom blogger, and I want my home to be lookin' this amazing!  6 children live here (with parents) and the momma home schools... Love That!!
I am gonna tattle tale on myself, but there was a photograph, framed photo, of one of my most favorite, beloved actresses from the movie, Anne of Green Gables.  I will not post the actual picture from the house, because that would probably be crazy and I am sure prison material... but here is an image from the Internet....

Marilla Cuthbert
She is on the right.  She was so hard, but she loved Anne so much.  When she lost Matthew, I just did not know how I would ever finish the movies.  I need to read the books.  (add it to the list of things to do in my free time #203)

The porch... it.. wraps... around... the... house.  Love it x's 5!!

A long long long long time ago, the boys around town would circle this house, and it was not because the lady was up for dating, it was because she did her gardenin' in her bloomers!  I kid you not!!  Girl, did some good work in her skimmies, her flowers look great!
Yeah, I will just let you dream on this one.
This one is super strange, and if it just so happens that one of the 10 people that read my blog, just happens to live in this house, invite me over for a cola and show me how fab it is on the inside.  FYI, this house was super awesome because at Christmas time and honestly, and other time, there would be mannequins (dressed or not dressed) in the windows.  There are a lot of windows.  Just sayin' it's different.
Was able to tour this one, and it is so charming.  For real, I just wanted to put my socks in the drawer and read a book sitting in the window.  I was like, move.. in... ready.  Did not work out, the kids and Aron would have needed to come with me, and there was already a super nice lady living in there.  Just not enough room for all of us.
I love you cute house.
 wait for it......
I have loved this house ever since I first laid eyes on it.  One day... one day.
Which one is your favorite!!


His Doorkeeper said...

I can not tell you how much I enjoyed this post!! I have loved the old houses you have shown….and would be happy to reside in any of the above!! Thanks for sharing!

Lea said...

Found you through Kelly's Korner and what a lovely blog. And, the old homes have such charm that homes of today just do not have. I hope that you will one day have the "old home of your dreams." Happy weekend!