Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Tuesday Tid-Bits!!

I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed, my phone is full of pictures from the past few months and I just do not even know where to even start!  So tonight, I am starting back, from my blog hiatus, with some Tuesday tidbits!  (If it is not Tuesday, then check back tomorrow!). Is it sad that I'm not even 100% positive what day it is??  I must be getting old, or maybe it is just my "mom brain"!  Anyways..... onto the bits!!!
1.  My cell phone is so full of pictures that I am really unable to do anything with the silly thing!  It always says my memory is 0 (whomp whomp).  Here are my choices, delete pics (no... not ready), download to my computer and get them off of the phone (too easy, and if I did that I have no tid bit # 1), or ask my wonderful photographer friend, Bethany (check her out if your local) to take pictures of the wee babes...Ding!Ding!Ding!  We have a winner!!  Y'all these pictures were so wonderful!  She just captures my babies perfectly, and she only had 20 minutes or so.  Here are just a few.

So, is it strange to have a wall full of pictures of your babies, from one picture taking' session?  If so,I don't wanna know!  Ha!

2.  Since I'll be purchasing all of those pictures, and having them framed, I may have to get another job!  I kid, I kid!  Anyways, speaking of the job, things are still going really well!  It has been an adjustment being away from the kids, but it is making my time with them more precious, and it is good to get out and be able to talk to other people.... People that don't watch Disney Jr or spend the day kickin' back chocolate milks and munching on Goldfish!  Anyways, I am really having fun with all of this product, I will be using some of it for an upcoming camping trip the husband is taking us on (that should be a entertaining post), we are even having a giveaway on Facebook that you could enter... If you wanted to, and if you liked free stuff, and if you just had a moment (or a minute), it is super easy peasy!  Check it out!!!
Just go to the Kijaro Facebook page
Like it!!
And then sign up with your email address!!!
 You could win a Kijaro Versa Shade!!

3.  Is anyone else watching this show???
Does it make you happy or sad that Yang is leaving?
Wha?  Spoiler Alert!  She's leaving the show.  Just not sure how I feel about it, she's been on there since the beginning!  Maybe it is time for me to find a new show, I'm really into these two shows...

What are you watching? 

4.  I found my dream house.....
210 Southwest D Street, Bentonville AR
 So what if it is 100 years old!!  I'm in love!  Aron went out of town a few weeks ago, and I just happened to stumble onto this gem (that will teach Aron to leave us for a few days, I'm trying to figure out how we can have this house)!
Original wood floors people,even though the previous owner may have painted them lime green
(I DIE).  I can totally work with this!!
I bet if I got the house and called one of my favorite reno girls, Nicole on HGTV
Then the house could be restored to its former glory and my little family could live there!  #loveit

6.  Wrapping up my bits, I have saved the best for last (totally loved that song, Vanessa Williams, that was my jam back in 92!  9th grade, Razorback Roller Rink, no one ever to couple skate with, back in the day when I stopped brushing the hair, the braces had just been removed, and my love boat had set sail for a boy that pulled my hair in Algebra and said I had a pigs nose (it obvi did not work out, ha!!). Anyways, some pictures of my loves!
We attended a science birthday party!!
 My heart is full being a part of this group....  happy girl!
 Me and my Red at her Moms and Muffins breakfast at school this morning.
 My guy, he loves Woody and Friends, he never leaves home without one of them!
 My new happy place, we got a swing set and have spent much time in the club house!!
 My Aron and the tiny helpers working in the yard.  The weather has been beautiful for the past few days... bring on summer!!


Marla Gottula said...

I met Bethany briefly once, very sweet and yes great work she does. I worked with her husband Ben for 6 months before he left Shiloh. Georgous boys they have. Your blog is funny I stumbled upon it through you fb post. Your children are beautiful as well. I too am juat getting used to working after being home for 14 yrs its quite the transition. Not sure I am surviving it as well as you are. Hope it continues to work out for you.

Caryn C. Foresee said...

Marla! I'm sure you are doing a great job, 14 years at home with your babies sounds amazing. What are you doing now? Hope all things are good with you!