Sunday, May 11, 2014

"MOM" Spelled Upside Down is "WOW"!!

I think that says it all!
This week, my littles have showered me with fun art projects from school.  Each evening when I open the back packs and pull them out, they thrill me to no end.....
This is from my Red.....  FYI, she says I weigh 4 pounds (I adore her)
Another thing..... my favorite thing to do???  watch t.v. (might have had a tinge of pain with that one, I need to get a new hobby! ha!!)
My Brayden Bear has made me a sweet flower, the purple petals are his finger tips.  This will obvi be framed, it is so precious
 Seriously, Red's hand in a flower pot!   It makes me happy!
 She also finger painted me a bouquet of flowers, ummm she is like a tiny Picasso!
Here they are... my reasons to get up in the morning...
I really do feel blessed to be their momma.  They make me feel proud, happy, definitely make me laugh and smile, they make me crazy, shout for joy, and cry (I realize that those are a lot of emotions to feel, but so wha, I'm a bit nutty)!  I am beyond blessed to have them, and to think that there was a time when I did not think that they would ever be a possibility.  God is so good and so faithful, and I am so very thankful for them.

Then, a shout out to some of my most favorite mommas.....
my girl... my mom.  You are my best friend, and I am forever grateful for ALL that you do for me.  You are the best girl in the whole world, and when I grow up, I wanna be a wonderful momma just like you.
My SIL, she is the best, and such a role model for me.  I love watching her be a mother and learning from her.  Happy Mothers Day LeAnne!!
My Moss (my grandmother), so thankful for her!! She is my person that I turn to when I am feeling defeated and tired.  She lifts me up with stories of her good and not so good moments of parenthood.  The girl knows what she is talking about, she has raised 5 
My Aunt Lauren and Aunt Cathy.....  if ya know them, you know they are terrific and I love them dearly.  Happy Mothers Day!
Happy Mothers Day to the other mommas that I know and love.
You are all wonderful and I love learning from all of you.  It is a hard job raising these babies, loving and caring for children.  It is not always a walk in the park, there are good days and there are some not so good days (where you just want to lock yourself in a closet.... I have NEVER done this that is a lie, I do this weekly, but they always find me!!), but it been my most favorite job yet!
A friend of mine showed me this video, it is of a little boy just talking to Moms.  Please watch if you have a moment.  It is terribly funny, but I just happened to see it at a moment when I needed to hear his words.  Enjoy.
I just noticed if you pull this up on the iphone, it may not show the video, go to youtube and look up Kid President and His Shout Out to Moms!!  Precious!
To the people out there that are longing to be a mother or even to the one's that are dealing with the loss of a mother, I am praying for you today.
Prayer request:  Please pray for my family, the Roberts'.  My Aunt Connie has been in the hospital for the past week with complications from a battle of liver cancer, and my Uncle Willie and cousins (Kent, Keith, and Karen) have been given news that her time is limited (days).  I just pray for her, that she is not in any pain, and that these last days/ moments they are able to spend with her are precious and they are able to reflect on the many memories they have shared.
My memory of her:  I can remember being a little girl and her laugh (a giggle) but it was infectious and made you smile.  I also can remember how kind she was, my MamMaw and my mother loved her very much. I just know that MamMaw will be waiting for Connie, with their Heavenly Father, and they will be able to catch up.


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