Wednesday, May 7, 2014

This is where the magic happens.....

Catchy title, huh?  Leaving you to wonder what I will be discussing.  Some of you are thinking.....
1.  She is obviously talking about Disney World, yes, Disney.  It is the most magical place in all of the land.
2.  The other 4 of you that read the blog are thinking, does this girl think that she is on an episode of MTV's Cribs, and will be showing the boudoir??  Well, here you go, this is where the magic happens....... this is our bed!!
Ha!  Or it is Shaq's bed!
3.  Then my husband, if he actually sees the Facebook link to my blog, is probably cringing at the title and getting a little worried about tonights topic!  Sorry honey, this must be discussed!
Well, we ain't talking Disney folks, I am talking about our most private space in our home, and how it has been invaded by our "little people".
This should have the word house marked out and say bedroom! HA!
For such tiny people, they sure do know how to bust up in a place, and make it their own.  Honestly, I love these people, but they will kick, cry, whack in the head, and leak all over my magical place.....
this is how it all started.  They were once so small, and I remember thinking how afraid I was to roll on top of them, I would stay awake all night and if Aron even looked like he was thinking about rolling I would shove him out of the way!
This is for sure what they were thinking.....
Now, the kids are a little larger (so am I) and the space in our queen size bed is limited!!
This is not really our bed, but it is obviously someones because I saw it on pinterest (I am praying for the sad sap that has monogramed "His and Her Side" bedding, and then the toddler section is the largest!  Wha?
This momma cannot take it anymore!
For the longest time, I have tried to keep it "Duggar" (y'all know I love those Duggars) and I saw on one of their shows that when one of their littles comes in and is upset, they do not take them back to bed, but allow them to stay, let them know that it is okay to come to momma and daddy if they are scared.  Well, my tots every single night are sleeping with us, and I....CANNOT.... DO....THIS...ANY...LONGER.  I am a sleepy momma!
Does this make me a bad parent?
At first, I thought, I have gone back to work and so what if they are needing me throughout the night.  I wanted to be able to be there for them and spend every waking and sleeping moment with them (is that crazy)?  I think last night hit an all time low.
Bray kept getting out of his bed, and I was tired of taking him back to bed (and I was playing Candy Crush...yes, I have an addiction), and I kept thinking after I beat this level I would take him.  Okay, hour later, and the level was not beat and he was asleep.  I tried to move him (note to self, do not try to move a sleeping animal, they will go nutzo on you)!  Wear protection and ear plugs!!  So, fine, I let him stay.  Aron said he would just stay on the couch (LUCKY!).  I feel bad, because the couch is turning into his bed (all he needs is a nightstand).  Once one tot comes in, he makes his way out.  I wish I was so quick to jump up first (maybe I would get some sleep)!  Anyways, so the bear is asleep, it is past midnight (and I am obvi awake because my body rejects sleep.... I am sure the drinking a coke throughout the night does not help, but whatev), then at about 130 there is some wrastling of the sheets on Red's monitor..... that's right here she comes!  I am already praying, please do not pee in your bed, wake yourself up and go potty!  Cha-ching!  She does!!  Then, as she is peeing she starts night terror screaming and refuses to calm down.  After a few minutes she ends up in the bed with me and the Bear.  A child on each arm.  My happy place...... LIES!!  As both children laid peacefully asleep, I was laying there sweating profusely and having a small panic attack about being suffocated by children and my sons giant giraffe pillow pet (it seriously fa-reeks me out)!  I laid there for I have no idea how long.  By 3 am I was up, reapplying deodorant and hunting for another blanket and looking for a new place to rest my head.  That's right, I slept at the foot of my bed.
As if the night could not get anymore awesome.... one child (who will remain nameless, but is of the female nature) wet the bed.  When I say wet the bed, I am not saying a little bitta tinkle, I mean WET the bed!  Like she had drank 9 water bottles of water!
So now, our magical place, which now has clean sheets, has just turned into my children's second bedroom.
What are your tips?
Do you let your children stay in your bed?
Do you return them to their room?
What if they are screaming and crying, what kinds of things are you promising them to go back to sleep (I need new ideas).
I am afraid if we do not nip this stuff in the bud, they may never move out and get married and have their own children (that will pee in their bed, and I do not want to deny them this one great treasure in life).
So, thoughts?


Tracy said...

Oh, if only I could help you with this matter. I'm laying in the middle between my 2 youngest daughters as I type. I try to just enjoy it because one day they won't want to sleep with me.

Sharon said...

We all have our own opinions and parenting styles and all kids are different. But.... I like you want my girls to know they can come to us. Whenever. However I can not handle sleeping near someone. So I didn't struggle with putting them in bed with me. I put them back in their beds but when I give up they are allowed on a sleeping bag beside my bed. That has worked for us. Yes we hav had 2/3 of our kids in our floor and Ryan will say "why do we have a 4 bedroom house" but I think we all get a tad more sleep than if they were in our bed. So it might be worth a try...

Paige said...

We're super flexible...we let them come if needed and don't stress until the summer before they start school...then I feel like sleeping well is more important. We leave a nap mat in the floor and my little just comes in & settles in great there. He gets the comfort of being close & we sleep! For us it's worked well with all 3 kids & we still get our bed to ourselves!

Beth Roberts said...

I usually end up carrying them back upstairs to their bedroom (a middle of the night workout, if you will!), but there are some nights I'm just too tired to do that. I will say, it's gotten way better since we started using Young Living Essential Oils (namely, Peace and Calming) on our girls before bedtime. Our oldest never comes downstairs anymore in the middle of the night, and our youngest has come down maybe twice in the last two months (where it used to be every other night, at least!).

Sarah Livesay said...
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Sarah Livesay said...

I want my son to feel like he can come to us if needed, but I've never wanted to let him in our bed, so he brings his pillow and blanket and sleeps on the floor beside our bed if he needs us in the middle of the night