Friday, August 22, 2014

Bye... Bye.... Babies!

It is happening!  It was not so many years ago that we found out we were having these tiny tots.  It seems like not so long ago we were bringing them home from the hospital.  It seems like just yesterday we were celebrating first words, first steps, first times to sleep in their bed, first times to potty, birthdays.... ya catch my drift?  Anyways, we have been soaking up all of the precious moments, and now here we are and they are both at pre-k!  Sophia has started 4 year old pre-k and Brayden is in the 3 year old pre-k class!
It is official, the time is just flying by, my babies are growing up.
I asked them to pose together, and this is what I get.
Then I tell them, try one more time to smile and stand next to each other (without touching, hitting, or pushing).  We can send the picture to Honey.... and this is what I get.
Brayden wanted to see how many teeth he had in the picture.
Here she is... finding her name putting up her lunch box and hanging her backpack.  My sweet Sophia, to know that there was a time when I did not think that we would ever have a baby, and now here she is hanging up her backpack.  I love her so.
 Her first classroom project, in Mrs. Beth's room.  She is decorating the first letter of her name with stickers!  (she is obvi in heaven since she loves stickers!)
Now, the Bear.  I was quite surprised at his nervousness.
For just a moment he hugged my neck and I could just feel his grip getting a wee bit tighter (not like to the point where I could pass out, but just a little bit tighter).  I whispered into his ear that Mrs Pam was his teacher and she loves him so much.  He looked at me a little bit confused, but smiled (he just needed a little bit of reassurance that she was safe).
I told him how much I loved him and his grip got a little bit loose, and he just let go.  He is just getting so big and so brave.
This little man has stolen my heart for sure
 He found his name and put up his things.
 I love these two precious people, besides Jesus, and my husband, they are my EVERYTHING!
I am so thankful that they are in such a wonderful place when I am unable to be with them during the day.  These women love on my babies so much, keep them safe, comfort them, teach them, and encourage them.  I could not think of a better place for them to be!
Here is to a great year at pre-school!

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