Saturday, August 23, 2014


 The first day of school has come and gone.
Sophia has already had her first "homework" assignment!  FYI... lil Red was very excited to have homework (I just wanted to have that in writing, because I am sure that when she is 16, we will be fighting about her lack of excitement with the homework!) Ha!!
She had to cut out (all by herself... I was surprised at her cutting skills) the triangle all by herself....
Brother came in, and he wanted to do "homework" too.... AKA, use the scissors!
 I tried to distract him by taking selfies with the phone....
 that went over well for about 5 seconds!
Next, she had to write her name!  (Daddy is watching to make sure that she will not need any help)!
 She had to answer some questions...
How old are you... 5
What is your favorite color.... pink
What is your favorite snack.... carrots (ummmm, really?  okay, carrots)
 Last, she had to color a picture of herself.

Now, it was time for Brayden to do "homework".

So far, homework went well.


Angie said...

I bet by the end of the year she will not be a fan of homework! It's so exciting for them at first though isn't it?

Caryn C. Foresee said...

I know Angie! She will def not be willing to do the homework forever! Ha! Hope you are doing good!