Friday, August 15, 2014

Whistle While You Work.....

There ain't been much to whistle about 'round here.
Well, let's just say the past 30 minutes of sanding baseboards has not been the most enjoyable way to spend a Friday evening.  I totally thought that I would be way more excited to start this process, but me thinks the job may be a wee bit of an ordeal.  I've only sanded one wall (and the wall has a sliding glass door on it.... so it is not even a WHOLE WALL)! 
I guess I should be embarrassed to show this part of the kitchen, but I suppose I discussed it last night on the blog, and I feel that ya may as well see where the journey began.  Obvi the gold paint was on the wall first.  Goldy yellow has been my neutral, it goes with everything, and I like it, but I don't LOVE it!  So, then, underneath the crazy gray/blue patch was where my Bray decided he has a passion for art.  It started at the light switches down to the light socket.... it was amaze (my mother told me to just put a frame around it.......not gonna happen! I tried a gray that I have seen on decorating blogs and it just does not look like it does on their wall, so off to the paint store I go.
I wanted to post some before pictures, because I think it will motivate me to actually finish the project in a timely manner.  If it turns out fab then it will be a fun before and after project, and if it starts to look like a crazy mess, then I will be able to look back at what my house once was and maybe we can go back to that.
Ha!  Just kidding!  I just typed in the words "fancy house" on Google and those images showed up!  They are semi close to my house... we have a lot of things in common (like doors, fancy house and my house have doors, lamps... the fancy people have lamps in their pool room and I have a chicken lamp (hello, chickens are so chic), and fancy people have walls... our walls are, well a work in progress.  Take a gander.

The pictures are dark because it is dark outside and I am trying to not turn on every light in the house (hello, bedtime for the littles).  Also, ignore the toys on the floor.... we fired our cleaning lady (by "fired the cleaning lady" I mean, I quit!)
If anything I know my arms will be super buff... y'all may get a little bit jealous.  I'm totally sure that by the time I sand, prime, and paint all baseboards in la casa Foresee I may be looking like an American Gladiator...
Do y'all remember American Gladiators.... anyone.... 1989?

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Jen said...

I used a similar color in my kitchen, sea salt I think it was, and hated it. My next attempt with grey I love- Sherwin Williams Jogging Path. Much better, with a little more depth.