Saturday, January 3, 2015

.....and then this happened,

I blinked and he turned FOUR!
I cannot believe how fast time is going.  Stop growing up so fast my Baby Bear!
Didn't I just bring him home?
Well, Brayden you are such a sweet sweet boy.
You are loving, oh so loving.
At night, when we are trying to get you to settle in and go to sleep, you will grab my face and kiss me (on my nose, both cheeks, my eyes, my forehead, and my chin), it is one of my most favorite moments that I am able to spend with you.
You love to cuddle.  Climbing into the bed with me in the middle of the night is a new thing with you lately, and as much as I may complain about not getting any sleep (I secretly love it).
You have stolen my heart....
You love love love your sister.
You like to follow her around, be with her in her room, watch movies together, fight over any sort of technology (ipad, phone, ect).
If she does not like something, you are quick to say, "oh, yeah, I don't like that either".... that makes me nuts.  I love watching you with your sister, it reminds me of myself and my brothers and I hope that one day you and your sister will be as close as I am with them.  They are my best friends, so I hope that you will always love her so.  As much as you follow her all about, you are very much her protector.
You love your daddy.
I can safely say that he is your hero (besides Ninja Turtles), your daddy is the best.  You love spending time with him playing your old school Nintendo (that your uncles have let you borrow) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle game, you two love sitting on the couch licking all of the nacho cheese off of the Doritos (it is kinda gross, but kinda cute)!
You are two peas in a pod.
You love to go see your Honey and G-Daddy...
You think that your Aunt Kitty has hung the moon.....
Your Auntie, well your face lights up when we say she is stopping by for a visit or that we are going to her house.....
Your Uncles.... well, you tell me they are your best friends....
Your cousins.... when you are with them you never want them to leave.
You just love your Uncle David and his old black cat.  He is always teasing you and poking at you when you walk by.  I love that I get to see Uncle David doing this to my baby now, because he used to do this to me and the bruthas when we were little.  He is the sweetest uncle.....
You love to color your Moss pictures, she is your girl and you love to give her sweet hugs and kisses.

You are in a 3 year old Pre-K, and you are doing so very well.
You are making some sweet friends, what can I say, you are a lovable boy.  You talk about your teacher Mrs Roberta all of the time, and she adores you, and this makes your momma so very happy.  You are working on writing, you know all of your letters, and even speak some Spanish (thank you Aunt Kitty for prepping him and his sister, now they are both tiny Spanish speaking tots.... their teachers are impressed)!  You are so proud to bring your artwork or other assignments home (I have kept them all since you started going to MDO last year at our church up until now, which reminds me I probably need to invest in a storage building for child memorabilia, I am a hoarder and hate to throw your stuff away (sister's too)!
You have been singing in the children's choir at church and go to Cubbies.  This has been so much fun for you.  You love to go to church and this makes my heart happy
You are the first one to volunteer to say the prayer over our food at each meal.... it is in the tune of Superman theme song...... Thank you Lord for giving us food....Thank you Lord for giving us food.... For the food we eat.... and the friends we meet.... Thank you Lord for giving us food.  A-men.
Your really into Ninja Turtles, they are all over our house.  If you woke up green one morning saying Cowabunga, I think that you may be the happiest boy in all of the land.
Some of your favorite hangouts are Chuck E Cheese, Jump Zone, and my office (you love all of the people at my work), sometimes you cry when you are getting in the car!
On your 4th birthday, December 29th, 2014, you slept in until 7:00.  I was already in the shower and you ran into the bathroom to tell me that you have turned 4!  You have really gotten excited about your birthday this year, and you love for me to tell you about the day you were born and how your sister came into the room to see you and bonked you on the head.... it makes you laugh.  Anyways, you spent the day with your Honey, GDaddy, Kitty, and your sister.  Your daddy and I had to go to work, but when you came home, we had the family over to celebrate you.  We feasted on cupcakes decorated with Ninja Turtles and you opened presents.




Today, we went to Chuck E Cheese.  I forgot to take a picture of all of the guests, but your family was there and Cade and Harper (Kim and Joe too).  Your other bestie Evan was sick so our other framily (friends who are really like our family) had to miss, but you will see him on Tuesday at school... 

We had a great time celebrating you my love.
I am still so surprised that you are 4, because the time is just flying by. 
It is so bitter sweet.
Happy Birthday to my Baby Bear, Brayden!!

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