Sunday, January 4, 2015

Click-ity Clack Back and Other Stuff...

That's right friends, I am coming at ya live from Foresee Manor (aka "broken-back mountain")!  I know, I know, I have hurt my back again.  This is getting a little bit ridiculous, and I am thinking I have a 90 year old lady's back!

On Friday night, it was yucky and raining outside, and we let the dog run outside for just a moment.  Well, when we let him in he had super soaked feet and left the floor a bit slippery, and yours truly slipped.  I twisted my body just a bit and fell into the counter and immediately looked at Aron and said, "oh my goodness, I just hurt my back"!  I took some Advil and tried to take it easy the rest of the night.  I did not sleep well, and my back really started hurting during the night.  In the morning, I just put on a happy face (hello, we were going to Chuck E Cheese, and I could not let my little down) and off we went to celebrate.  As soon as we got home yesterday from the party, I bent down to pick up my phone charger and there she went....

I have been trying to still function today, I put up the rest of the Christmas decorations.  It was really no heavy lifting, just putting all of my Dicken's Village up.  I always put that up first, and it is always the last thing that I put up.  My village is my most favorite décor for the holidays (besides my nativity that my Uncle Johnny and Aunt Vivian gave Aron and I for a wedding gift).  Most of my village was given to me by my MamMaw.  It was my most favorite thing to put up with her at her house, and when Christmas was over, I would have to help my PapPaw put it all up (that was NOT his most favorite thing to do, he thought they all needed bigger boxes or just forget the boxes period)! Ha, happy memories!

The rest of the day will just be spent lying around the house, watching Ninja Turtles and football.  Be jealous, the men in our house have taken over the television.  I am not sure that I am missing anything, I do have Sophia skating into the bedroom every few minutes in a different outfit... she is cracking me up!

I have requested the time slot of 8 pm so I can at least watch Revenge (is anyone still watching this show?  I for sure thought that this would be the last season, because seriously, how many more people could she kill?  But no, the season just got way crazier with Daniel being shot (oops spoiler alert), although I will probably just have to record it and watch it after everyone in the house goes to sleep.  Tomorrow it will be back to school for the littles.  Their Christmas break is over, and it will be back to a routine.  Have a great day!!

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