Thursday, January 1, 2015

Here we go..... 2015!

Well, I was obviously awesome at posting a lot during 2014.  I will try to be better (this is one of my resolutions... document more)!
Last night, we were able to ring in the new year with some of our very best friends, the Phillips' fam.  We have been knowing them for what seems like for-ever!  These are our people, our friends who truly know us, know our crazy, and still love us.  Do you have this kind of friend?  If not, I suggest you go find some, but please do not go hit up the Phillips', we take up a lot of their time, and we love them... I will fight for them and you will lose... I am amazingly a tiny (okay, not tiny at all) ball of fire, and I will burn you.  Now that I have typed that out, and re-read it back to myself it seems strange and oddly territorial, and that is just the kind of crazy I was talking about above.  Ya see, and they love us anyways.  We stayed up until 12..... what?  I know, a couple of 30 somethings, and their babies (all under 6) stayed up until 12!  It was a wild night.....
 Yeah, that's how this group rolls.  We sure have changed a lot over the years.  Long ago, you would have never seen one of us crashing at a party before midnight.... oh how things have changed.
Our girls....
our boys....
 Kim and I, awake...... taking care of the children.....
 who would soon be falling apart.....
Let me just say, there is absolutely nothing good coming out of teeny tinys staying up past midnight (unless you want them to sleep until 8:30 in the morning..... hello, amazing!)
The year flew by!  It was like I blinked, and now it is a new year.  So much has happened in the past year, we have much to be thankful for.  So, let's recap....
First, I have survived a year back at work.  This is huge, considering when I started, I still was so unsure of if this would be the best decision for myself and my people.  The opportunity just popped up when I least expected, I reached for it, and I am forever grateful that I was given a job.  The company has been wonderful, they understand that I have a family (and that they are always my first priority), and I have made some really great friends (I do not know if that is a normal thing to say.... that you are really "friends" with the people you work with).  The working outside of the home has been so good for me, and I am excited to see what the year brings with it.
Second, with the return back to work, the kids are both in school.  Yes, pre-k, and they l-o-v-e it!  They teachers are precious, they have made such sweet friends, and above all I really am so happy with the facility that they are at.  It is in our town, minutes from my work and from my parents home.  The kids are doing so great and are learning so much.  It is so cool to see how they are just changing!  They started at school and were shy, and now they are more vocal, learning all about the months, the seasons, the days of the week, other countries, and even learning Spanish.  They speak it quite well, and each day I am more and more impressed.  They will soon be teaching Aron and I!
Third, but this should really be first, Aron went forward and church, and was really truly saved, and then baptized.  It was such a amazing moment to see him go forward and be obedient to the Lord, and then for his babies and family to sit in the congregation and listen to him tell his testimony (did I mention this was in front of our church, and that he is NOT a big talker.... y'all he is not even really a big talker with me (honey, sorry it true, and you know it... it is okay, I did not marry you for your conversation skills).  After we witnessed him give his surprise testimony, we saw him be "babble-o-tized"  this is what his babies were calling it.  Before the kids and I went to church I was trying to explain what daddy would be doing, giving his heart to Jesus and one day he would go to heaven.  All they heard is he was going to heaven and were very concerned to not even tell him good-bye.  Break... my.... heart...  I love those two.  FYI, it is not always easy explaining BIG subjects to littles.  I then just explained that he loved God so much that he wanted to have Him in his heart and go tell everyone about it.  This worked with them.  They were super proud of their dad.  So was I.
Next on our BIG list of 2014, Sophia turned 5!  Wha?  I know, 5!  Where did the time go?  We celebrated with friends and family dressing up as fairies and pirates.  The party was amaze, and the girl we were celebrating, well, she is amaze too!

This past Monday, Brayden, my baby turned 4!  Moment of silence...... wiping away tears...... okay, I am done.  Ummmm, my baby is a big boy.  He is kind, loving, best friends with his sister, he has a crazy energy, always playing, very much into Ninja Turtles, sleeps in a big boy bed, has been potty trained for a loooooong time (that was not hard at all), he is just my little love who showers me with kisses.  Who knew this tiny man would steal my heart?!

(more pictures to come as we celebrate him at Chuckee Cheese's)!  We love that place!
In my free time, I have come to learn of this DIY channel and anything HGTV, watching these shows has given me an odd belief in myself that I can pull off anything that I see on tv (seriously, not sure where I get this), but I have turned our once put together house into renovation central!  Ha!  Makes me happy and so very overwhelmed (my husband too)!  I have painted cabinets, furniture, painted some baseboards, there were a few months where one wall had about five different paints on it (and that wall was in the kitchen).  Surely, living like this for such a while will encourage me to get our house cleaned up and 2015 will be a bit more orderly (but I doubt it.... sorry Aron, it is the truth).
We went on an amazing beach vacation with our family!  10 days of family, fun, and sunshine!  It was for sure my happy place!!

We became a camping lovin' family, and got a camper!  You heard!  I love nature!  hehehe, that still makes me laugh.  Seriously though, we enjoyed so many weekends just being together with our family and our friends!

I decided to make a life change with my health which has been so incredible for me (and my family).  Before I decided to make BIG changes with myself, I had been living in a fog, tired (never sleeping), constant stomach issues that I have talked multiple times about, my every growing body was becoming a problem, my love for the coke "the drink people" was a bit obsessive, and the fact that I was friends with most drive through window restaurant workers was a bit odd (but kinda not odd cause I am a big talker anyways, I am overly friendly and a talker... the 10s of you reading know this).  So, my friend was doing this health program, Plexus, and I decided to sign up in September.  Let's just say, it has been a life changer, and I am not ever going back!  January 1st and I have lost 23 pounds, many inches, my stomach issues are so improved, I do not take sleep aids any longer, I am so over colas (and not missing them at all), and I finally have some energy.  As if that was not enough, I even became a ambassador for the products and have been able to supply another income for our family..... let me just say, this has been VERY helpful!  I am feeling great, and so happy for the changes that I have been making!!
I have made some resolutions, I am not even sure if people do that anymore, but I have made a list of BIG things for 2015!  I like lists, I can mark things off of the list when they are completed, and more than likely if there is a list of things, I should at least be able to do 1 of them!  I am thinking BIG picture folks!
1. Continue my gettin' healthy journey! There is so much room for improvement. I would love to reach my goal weight of 130 and stop wearing Spanx like everyday (yes, I do that everyday! This gal loves an undergarment). Plexus is gonna help me with this!
   2. Begin to workout. Not like 50 mile bike rides, or weight lifting, or marathon trainin', but some      low key walking. Not like speed walking..... A little faster than old ladies with walkers walkin' and a little slower than the ladies who walk/ run in my neighborhood (in full makeup and fancy workout outfits). It will be somewhere in between that. Anyone interested? It might be fun to have a friend or 5 to walk with.... Maybe we could get shirts done up? (The Blister Sisters, The Holy Walkamolies, The Coast Busters, The Pace Makers... I'm taking suggestions) I'm open... Not everyday, but maybe a lunchtimes or three times a week? Anyone? Anyone? It's better to walk in a group... Less likely to be mugged in a group! Safety first people!!

3. Finish painting my baseboards white. Yes, my husband will appreciate that! Ha!
4. Financial freedom.... Get out of debt! Does anyone else have this struggle? I borrowed the Dave Ramsey books from a friend (last year), but I guess this past year I've enjoyed debt, but this new year, I'm so over it! Need to be a better money planner, pay off credit cards, save save!
5. Blog more! I love to do it, but it always comes last.... Not enough time in the day
Here is to the new year!!!!  2015 will be fantastic!

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