Sunday, January 11, 2015

Wha!! I am lovin' that!!

This post is kind of a brain dump wrapped up in things that I am lovin' right now!
Growing up, I think that you too may have heard of a little boy band, New Kids On the Block!

I know right, I totally loved these guys.  If you did not, please exit out of this post now!  I loved them and their "Right Stuff"!  I was "Hangin' Tough" with them throughout the years.... ya see what I did there, those were two of my favorite songs that they sang!  Obsessed much, I think so!  I even saw them in concert.  Ya see, they came to Bentonville way back in the day.  It was my first concert to ever attend.  I was escorted by my momma, one of my oldest friends, Amanda Bailey, and her momma!  Just a couple a girls out on the town!
The coolest thing about the whole night was walking home from the stadium, me, Amanda, and the mothers were standing on the corner getting ready to cross the street, when all of a sudden the NKOTB tour bus pulled up, and stopped!  It was totally meant to be!  I mean they stopped right next to us (okay, it was not totally meant to be, they had to stop because they were sitting at a red light, but whatev!)  What happened next will forever be imprinted in my memory.  The curtain on their tour bus moved, and there were some super cute faces.... Joey, Jon, Jordan!  I DIE!  They were smiling and waving... obviously at me and Mandie!  I mean, we were a couple a cuties.....

 just hangin' out on the corner with our mommas!  I am for sure there was a connection!  Ha!
Anyways, this brings me to the first thing that I am lovin'!  They are back, the NKOTB, but this time they are on a boat, and it is on t.v.!  Hello, DVR!

That is right, there is a new show that will be documenting the NKOTB on a cruise with hundreds of

their super fans (I guess I missed the boat)!  How am I just now hearing about this?

For now, I will just have to watch.  Can you imagine?  A fun group of your girlfriends (only the ones that know any of the words to some of their hottest songs:  Please Don't Go Girl, Step By Step, I'll Be Loving You, Didn't I Blow Your Mind This Time (didn't I??)! 
Who was your favorite?
I had a poster of Jonathan on my door.... he was super dreamy.

We would have made a pretty cute couple....just saying!
That brings me to my second thing....
was anyone else aware that Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlburg got married?

They also have a television show, I watched, and will continue to watch!  They are super cute.

I even cried during their show.  I have no idea why I was so emotional about it, but I was crying.  I am such a sap..
FYI, his best men.....

that's right, the NKOTB boys!

Is anyone else watching this?
So, I have been thinking more and more about my big health kick, and thinking (just thinking) about adding a bit of exercise to the routine!  I keep seeing these super cute athletic outfits from this new brand, Fabletics.

Have you heard of it?  These outfits are designed by Kate Hudson (love her), and your first outfit you order is $25.00.  Sounds like a deal to me.  I filled out the information on the site, and these are some of the outfits that were chosen for me....

love them.  Might even order them.  Possibly even use them to work out in okay, that is not probably going to happen, but I would look super cute lounging around the house in them!

Speaking of my health kick!  I am still loving Plexus.  I blogged a few months ago about Plexus, and I am still using the products.  So far, it has been the easiest and best thing that I have ever tried....

lost many inches, 20+ pounds, sleeping, more energy, my stomach issues have improved, and honestly, I just feel good about myself.  The fact that I am also doing the business part of Plexus too, has been a great thing for our family.  I feel different and I think that I look different (and I love that my clothes are fitting better)!  The other big thing that I have noticed fitting is my wedding band.  For over a year and a half now, I have only been wearing my engagement ring, and the wedding band that Aron gave me, just over the past few years has gotten tighter and tighter.  So, I had to retire it in my jewelry box.  Well, I was over the moon excited when I picked up the ring earlier this week, and placed it easily on my finger.... IT FITS!!

One of my favorite HGTV shows started back this past week... FIXER UPPER!
I love Chip and Joanna!

They take the worst looking house on the block and make it a fixer upper!  The homes that they have transformed have been a- maz-ing!

They are one of the reasons I started transforming my house!  Everything that they do looks so clean, and it is now what I am calling my "new style".

Then to end the day, my littlest little just came in and crawled in the bed....

then says the sweetest little words to me.....,"Momma, don't you just want to snuggle me and give me smoochies?"  Well hello, how can I resist a guy that approaches me like that!
I love him!

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