Thursday, March 23, 2017

Hi, I might be a bit obsessed with you...

First things first!  Today would have been my MamMaw's birthday, and today she celebrates in heaven.
I still miss my girl terribly!  I would talk with her everyday and we would just laugh and talk and then laugh some more..... and then she'd just say...."okay, .... " then I would hear a dial tone.  Every single call, she would end like that!  Every time I would call her back and say, you just hung up on me, thus starting another conversation!  Ughhh, I miss those chats.
Happy birthday MamMaw, I am sure you are watching over us!

..... and back to the obsessions!!  I love to write in my blog... but I also am a bit obsessed with other peoples blogs.  It is a fun little peak into another persons world.  When I first started blogging, I did not even know what a blog was.  I started working a merchandising job at the Wal-Mart, and I met a girl who became a for-eva friend for me.  We bonded over children.  She had them and I wanted them.  I confided in her my desire to have kids, but it was just not a happening (all Gods timing... not my timing).  My for-eva friend told me about a girl that went to our church, and that she had a blog.  She would often share of her struggles to be pregnant and her pregnancy losses.  I went home that night and looked this chick up (Kelly Stamps, it was you my friend).  I voraciously read from all of her posts it was just like her heart opened up on the screen (not physically, but she was very open).  It was so personal, and I felt a little bit strange reading it.  (a little strange.... but that did not stop the reading).  I began following her (not in a weird way on the street or in the Wal-Mart) but following her blog.  I got to know her without really "knowing her".  I realized that as I read her story, it was helping me to have a peace about my own story and I realized that I was not alone.  Someone else shared my thoughts, and it was a good feeling.
Fast forward a few months, my for-eva friend (we will call her Jessica, because that is her name and nothing really rhymes or fits with Jessica... maybe Jerrica, yea, okay so my friend Jerrica invited me to come to Sunday school.
me and Jerr, this was in the wayyyyyy back, I was invited to come and play bunco with the girls from Sunday school.  I loved that time meeting new girls and making friends
I was all..... ummmm no thanks, I don't really do that (attend Sunday school).  We go to church, but we are not super involved.
She was all..... ummmmmm, no you need to come.
I was like..... ummmmmm, you're a bit pushy (and I really did not like that I also did not say that out loud, but felt it in my guts) and told her maybe this weekend we will go.
She was like...... good.
So, Sunday came, we got dressed and got to church.  I remember thinking how we will run out quick after the service ends and just tell Jerrica and her husband Willy (not real name y'all) that ooops, sorry I forgot that they were doing that whole Sunday school thing after the service (like they had done ever since I had started attending that church in the early 90s.
Little did I know "Stalky McStalkerson" would be waiting for me when we exited the sanctuary and pretty much walked us to Sunday school.  It was not in a drag us there kind of way, but it was a way that I felt I could not just leave her hanging.  I mean what if she had a friend quota she had to meet in Sunday school and man friend and I were her 2 people and she would get like a free devotional book or maybe a calendar or something....
Anyways, we get to the class and it was filled with some of the sweetest couples.
God loving, Bible reading, normal and kind couples.
It was a small group, possibly 12-15 couples, and they were precious.  I instantly fell in love with the group.  One of the last couples we met was Kelly's Korner. (I guess I thought that might be her last name, I don't know, but that is what I knew).  I wanted to hug her and tell her thanks for sharing her thoughts because I knew I was NOT alone.
(FYI, I totally just did not say anything but hi and nice to meet you, and I left it at that)!  Ha!!

This is kind of how my blog took flight.  I kind of thought her stories were helping to drag me outta a little pit of sadness, and I was thinking maybe my thoughts could help someone else too.

Voila.... the blog was born!  I started with some lame name (that I cannot even remember) and after Brayden it was changed it to Sophia + 1 More Makes Four

I still read Kelly's blog, and I think that is where some of my 10s of readers have come from!  Welcome 10s!!

Over the years I have stuck with many other blogs and here are a few that I love reading....

Brittany is an amazing wife, momma, and decorator!  Y'all, I die!  She uses colors, patters, has the most fun tastes and it works.  I wish I was as brave!!  If I could just have her come over on Friday evenings and Saturdays and she just tell me what to do with my house... I would be so over the moon!  Brit.... consider this your invite to come to B-town!

Amber Fillerup Clark is so fun.  I think that we would bond instantly, talking kids, clothes, travel, and life.  We would do this while sitting on the floor French braiding each others hair.  (check out her blog, you will see what I mean... her hair is too fun... kinda Rapunzel-ish)

Ree Drummond!  Can she be anymore fantastic?  Girlfriend is a BIG deal, living on a ranch, whipping up dishes for her cowboy husband and alllllllllll of their children.  She is a blogger, author, cuisine extroidinaire, and I know that we would meet and she would want to make me something yummy in the kitchen!

What?  I know!  Yes, I read Tori's blog and I think that she is just fascinating.  I like her style and her decorating.  I used to read all of her books (yes, she is a writer) but now I no longer have to wait for a book, I can read the blog!

Casey Leigh!  She is always sharing her family and their adventures.... and the pictures are always flawless (this is a far cry from all of my blurry mouth-breathing pics)  She is just lovely!  I know we would be friends!

Honestly, the girl changed the blog name to her name... Erin Akin Carroll, and I hate that she has not posted in a year!  Ughhhhh, a year!  I check back often, still waiting for an update.... is that strange?  Possibly, yes, but not psych ward strange.... right??  I loved getting book reviews from her!

Last one....
This blogger lives in my town, and she is the only blogger I have had an encounter with that I actually almost died!  My mom, grandmother, and I went on a tour of homes in our down town area.  I was so beautiful.  Well, we walked into one of the homes, and I instantly recognized her from the blog.  I was starring at her and she introduced herself, and......
(please know, this is only how I remember the story)
I said.... oh, I know, I am a super fan of your blog, not a fan I read.... I can read.... I mean, I read your blog.  I did a weird laugh and I may have snorted.
That was the last time I ever told anyone I read their blog.... it was like meeting a famous person, and I became all tongue tied and acted like a ding-bat!

Any good blogs I should be reading??  Do tell!


GiGi said...

Girlfriend, I LOVE your blog and your writing. It makes me smile, it makes me think and I am sure you have tons of followers just like me. I also read Kelly's Korner and she was one of the lst blogs I read and I connected to you by her. I am grateful for yall's writing skills, I started one called "Majors Melodies'. but had some health problems and stopped writing. I am sure it is still out there somewhere somewhere...(check it out if you dare LOL) Love reading about your littles and what yall are doing presently. Give those kiddos hugs for me and do me a favor? NEVER stop writing....A friend from SW GA . A little town called Cairo (pronounced Kay row) we are about 35 miles north of the Tallahassee Florida line. I live in the country among a pecan orchard and cow pastures, but I love it. Up until moving here in 1999, we had always lived in town...but this is just right for us..Keep up the good work and keep writing...GiGi

mim and company said...

I also started with Kelly's Korner😊 I still read it and love her and her love of Jesus!! I also love Mix and Match Mama!! Try it you will love her and her precious family