Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The morning after...

Let me begin by saying, what. a.. night!
Poor guy struggled for a few hours during the night with vomiting!  I can deal with a lot of things, but watching my littles scared of what their body is doing and so upset because they feel bad is the pits!  I will be honest and say, we did sleep.  I finally fell asleep close to midnight, and by 2 he was up and at it again.  I heard him moving around, so I jumped from the bed to the floor holding a bowl to catch whatever was happening (nothing happened, he was able to get up and run to the bathroom).  That happened again about an hour later.  He slept from 4 to 6:15, in the bed with me (I know, I am just begging to catch this stomach thing)!
Sister went to school and Bray and I have just laid low.  He finally ate a pancake and I have not seen it since (Praise The Lord)!  I am hoping that it is all over, and no one else will fall victim.  Until then lil Mexican restaurant down the street is on the NONO list for us.  Guess we will have to drive a bit further and go to our old faithful chip and dip places.
It has been kind of nice to just sit with my guy today.  We have talked and watched movies (none that I got to pick)!  We have watched Lego Star Wars cartoons, Sing, and now Trolls.
This is currently my view... he sleeps.
I am just waiting for lil Red to be done with school and we will head out to pick her up.
*I know, I took one well kid to school that has been in close contact with sick kid!  Welp, I needed a break and Red seemed good to go, so, she gots to go!!

With all of my downtime today (ha.. that was funny, down time??) I have been able to play a bit of catch up and do some things that were super necessary to get done:
1.  clean my bathroom.... this was necessary since it smelled a bit contagious... like if you smelled it, you would for sure catch the virus that was coming out of sick kid.
(now that I type all of this out, this post may be the most disgusto one ever!  Should have put a warning on this one!)
2.  I have done laundry (not all of it, but some and it is folded and put away... in drawers)  SUCCESS!
3.  I did the dishes!  Yay!
4.  Started dinner!  Boom!

I know what all 10s of you are thinking.... Caryn, your life sounds so glamourous and amazing.
All I can say is, yes, you are right!

One of the more fun things I did get to work on was picking out invites for my cousin Mary's bridal luncheon!!  My momma, grandmother, myself, and aunts are giving her bridesmaids luncheon when we go to New Orleans in a few weeks...  eek!  I am so excited about this!
#ILoveLove and I love Mary Fran!
So, the invites are ordered, and I am waiting on the proofs!!  I spent over an hour this morning looking at different options.... y'all, I can get sooooooooo lost in Etsy, especially looking at invites.
I die over these, and one of these was the option I picked out!

I guess you can probably tell I am into floral prints.... guilty!

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Amie Fielder said...

Totally #3 if I know my Caryn ... unless purple is her color