Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Things I should be keeping to myself....

It is late night at la casa de Foresee, all are asleep and I decide this is the most a-prope time to be blogging!  SMH! 

1.  Here it is, 10:20, there are bad storms getting ready to blow on through in our area, and I am just thinking how in about an hour the dog will start acting a lil nutty (knocking his bowl around, crying, and trying to jump the baby gate from the laundry room (yes, that is right, I put my dog in the laundry room during the night... all night), and with all of the jumping comes all of the peeing!  Not just a spot of pee, but rivers of it!  It is so gross, and then he steps in it , and it is a mess.  So, this is just something that I try to avoid, so I will try to go and get him and put him in the bed with me (man friend totally loves  hates that with a passion).  Chip and I, we are obvi two "pees" in a pod (ya see what I did there?  peas in a pod to pees in a pod??  cause we have the bladders of an untrained toddler)!  Ya get it??

2.  Anyways, that is not the only reason I am awake.  Right before bed, my little guy started complaining of stomach pain.  (this is totally something that I should be keeping to myself)
After the complaints, started (dun..dun....duh) the yakking!  I know, people that have been around me or my littles are probably thinking... I will be next!!  Hopefully not.  Hopefully, he just ate something that did not agree with his tummy (which makes me sad bc the restaurant is one of our go- tos for a quick bite.. it is Mexican and it is within walking distance to our house.... just an FYI, we DO NOT walk there, just saying if our car broke down, we could totally walk there).  Finally, he has fallen asleep, and I am just kinda staying up to make sure that he is okay.  I never sleep when littles have a stomach issues, I just am a major worrier!

3.  Since sick kid is on the floor (yes, he is on the floor) and pee dog will probably be in here within the hour, that means that man friend is sleeping on the couch.  Now, don't go starting the rumor mill that we are on the outs... not the case!  He will never get any rest with sick kid in the room, me tip typing on the laptop, and then the dog gnawing on his feet for the duration of the night!  I was trying to be kind, he needs his sleep... me on the other hand... I run on mom fuel.
* side note, I walked out into the living room earlier to get my phone charger and just happened to pick something up so he would not step on it in the middle of the night (Lego people + the dark= crying man friend), so I stand up and was kind of standing over him and he opened his eyes (I guess he could feel someone standing there) and I scared the ba-jeezes out of him.  I wish I had his startled sound on tape... #AmericasFunniestHomeVideoWinner
Man friend... sorry, I shared, I shoulda kept it to myself.

# 4 thing I should keep to myself... I ate chips and queso for dinner (and I do not feel bad about it... at all).  I would have eaten all of the cheese dip, but I noticed that lil Red was triple dipping her chips which made me a lil squeemy feeling on the inside.  Should have had more, now my stomach is growling, but do I take a chance and fill it with something?  Or leave it empty because I could get a stomach bug from sick kid on the floor???  Decisions... decisions.

5th thing that should be kept under wraps tonight... I attended parent teacher conferences tonight and my fears of the kids becoming elementary school drop outs have vanished.  Turns out the littles are doing amazingly in school, and that just validates my claims that my wee ones are tiny geniuses!  Seriously though, they are doing so well, and I was surprised to learn that my guy can read... not a novel, but is sounding out words and really figuring things out!  Praise the Lord for his sweet teacher for working so hard with him and his class (because his momma has kinda been a slacker... just keeping it reals).  Red is reading and writing so well too.  I was even able to read/ decipher some of her prompts with her teacher.  So pleased with how well they are doing in school and I was so proud to call them mine!!

6.... I have not run/ walked in a few days (4 to be exact).  Hello, I am supposed to be doing this whole marathon thing in a month!  Back to the grind tomorrow!  I am just gonna be honest... working out is kind of hard!  I want to do it (kinda just saying that).... but I also want to sit down and do nothing!  It is the worst!!  I feel so conflicted!

7.  I ordered a tea at 2:40 today (before teacher conferences) and I am still drinking it.  That.  Is.. Gross!  It does not even taste like tea, all of the ice is water, and just so y'all know, I will sip on it all through the night.  I am so weird!

8.  My most favorite pair of Spanx ripped today.  I know, I know, keep it to yourself Caryn!!  I am so upset!  I am sad because now, I have to go and buy more (every time I do go shopping for under things, I always see someone I went to high school with (and it is always a someone that is buying cute lingerie and still a size 2) and there I am diggin' through a bin of granny panties while holding my nude color "power panties" with matching color over the shoulder boulder holder... #NothingAboutMyUndergarmentsArePretty  I guess you know where you will catch me this weekend!

9.  One of the last things that I should be keeping to myself... This morning, I had volunteered to take a few items to the school, the PTO was feeding all of the staff since they would be there late tonight for parent teacher conferences.  I waited until the last moment... stopping at the store before work to buy a thing of pre-cut French bread, a bag of chocolate candies, a chocolate cake, and lemon cake slices. #NeverShopWhileHungry I was so hungry that I opened the French bread and took 3 slices of the bread, and then packaged it back up (as if it had never been disturbed)!  I ate all 3 pieces in 4 minutes!  I am sure the school cameras have me on film carb loading in the car!  What is wrong with me!  For pitys sake, I had Fruit Loops in a snack bag for my breakfast (which I ate later, but said... while eating it, I had not eaten anything all day)!  I have got issues.

Final thing that I should be keeping to myself.... I am starting to feel a little bit squeamish.  Maybe it is just sympathy pains for Bray, or maybe it is just real deal gonna be a long night sick stomach pains??  I am kicking myself for letting him drink from my cup yesterday!  #WhatWasIThinking

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