Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Happy spots in the week...

The week has been a bit busy, but it is going good.  I cannot believe tomorrow is already Thursday!  Where does the time go?  During all of the crazy of the week, there have been so many happy spots, so I wanted to share (because that's my thing).

This should not be my top happy, but it is funny!  Please note, the conversation below is not listed with correct punctuation, because my material isn't Pulitzer Prize winnin'... ya dig??  Back to the story, picture it, I am sitting at work yesterday minding my own business when the phone rings and I answer.... ummmm famous person name pops up on my caller id.
Not like Leonardo DiCaprio famous, but small town NWA famous...
caller id reads Dan Skoff
I was like.... ummmm, play it cool (but y'all know my cool is not cool, at all)!
So... hello.
He's all.... someone called me from this number....
Me... well, did they leave a message? (not in a rude way, just in a question kinda way)
him... no (that is right, short and sweet and right to the point... obvi not a big talker)
What is your name sir, and I will see if anyone in our office has reached out to you....
he was like, my name is Dan... Dan Skoff.
(yes, he said it just like that, just like he was James... James Bond!)
I said, in my most southern twangy loud voice ever (I do not even know where this voice came from.... it came from down deep and it was ridic)
SHUT... THE... FRONT....DOOR!  Dan (super twangy) Skoff, the news guy?!  (duh, I already knew it was him, but I was still excited to have my run in with a famous person for the day)!
He laughed and said, well, I do the weather!
me... I!  Know!
me... Well, what are you doing?  (O, my goodness, it is like I thought we are besties and we would just hit it off with our conversation!)
He just laughed and started talking about the weather  (geez, isn't he ever off the clock)!
For real though, it was so funny to randomly speak with him!!
(I would post his picture, but I do not want to reach stalker status!... What if he knows one of the 10s of you readers... I.  WOULD..  DIE!!

Anyways, on with the week, we have been on a busy extra curricular activity schedule.  Dance lessons, both kids in soccer, and then there is t-ball.  With all of the hustle and bustle of the week, the kids have been troopers going to and fro, and both had soccer games... and scored!!
Sophia is playing so well and is enjoying soccer so much! I love that she is liking sports (just goes to show that she is def my child... since I am so sporty)!  Ha, not really.  She gets that from her daddy
This guy!  He is too funny, he runs, he kinda doesn't run, he kinda throws himself on the ground and acts like he trips (I think he is trying to be funny, and I can appreciate that), but my boy scored at his game too!  The funny thing about it is after his score, he stuck both of his arms out and then acted like he was a flying airplane zooming around the soccer field.  Well, he zoomed up to his coach and his coach tried to high five, but my guy totally zoomed by him.  The coach just stood there with his hand out and no one to high five it (I laughed).

Last night, I was part of a string of text messages discussing my 20 year high school reunion... eeek!  This excites me!  The planning kinda kicked into high gear, and I am so looking forward to October!!  I need to break out the old year book and start remembering some of those faces (not really, they are all pretty much on FB).  Last week, I secretly got out all of my old prom dresses!!  So much fun.  I should do a post of me trying to fit back into those old dresses!  I die!  I am gonna do that... stay tuned!!

This week is my baby brothers birthday!!
We are celebrating him with a Easter Egg-stravaganza/ birthday party!!  Oh, I am sure the pictures will be fun!  I am even bringing a little party game... have y'all played Bean Boozled???
You get two jelly beans that look the same, but one is yummy and the other is gaggy!  Look up the you tube videos, I might have to put one together from the party!  It will for sure me a fun time!!

Tonight, a girl friend of mine shared a few pics from the waaaaay back!  Try to find me!
I love these pictures.  I still have these dance outfits and Sophia and her friends play dress up in them!  I am so thankful that my momma held onto sweet things like this, now I can share them with my Red!  Maybe I should do a post about trying to fit back into those babies!!  (ha, never gonna happen)!

The past two nights, Bray has woken up at 1030 and crawled into bed with us... the time is approaching 1030, so I am afraid he will be here shortly.  I guess I should wrap this up.

However, I should document our convo tonight:
I asked why he keeps waking up during the night, and the response was....
momma, I just love you and I sleep best when I am with you.
(awe.... he is a keeper)

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