Monday, April 3, 2017

Oh, April...

Well, April has started off with a bang.  Here we are the 3rd, and I have spent over 24 of those hours in the bed or hanging over a toilet.  That is right friends, momma has had the stomach bug (whomp... whomp)!  If you remember, this past week my little guy fell victim to the virus, and I kind of thought maybe the rest of us somehow missed it!  Even though I caught his vomit, let him sleep and mouth breathe on me for a few hours one morning, and accidentally used his toothbrush (yes, was not paying attention... at all).  I should consider myself lucky that I was given so much time to recover from what I saw when he was sick... I mean a 5 day incubation period...
I kinda feel like this is the moment when the stomach bug jumped on me... see how happy Bray is to have it leave his body, and how unaware I was that it was happening...
This past weekend started out pretty fantastic...
Sophia's class got to lead their Friday morning Tiger Rally.  Girlfriend had a speaking part, and she was amazing!  Seriously... shining star when she said her two lines...
1.  The giant fell down to the ground
2.  My name is Sophia Foresee and my favorite fairy tale is Little Red Riding Hood
#OscarWorthy #ShesABigDeal #WeAreProud

 She is so very shy, all morning, she kept saying... "this is so terrifying!"  It was super dramatic
This was the cheering section...

That night, the kids school had their Spring Fling, so we stayed for the big event.  I worked there that night, so we got home close to 9.  Such a long day, but we would be going camping on Saturday, and we were so pumped for the first campout of the year!!
Saturday, we woke up, took lil man to his first soccer practice of the season

The weekend start was a success.  Now, to just make the 1 hour drive out of town to the campsite!  We arrived close to 1, just in time for man friend to fire up the grill for lunch.  We were camping with our friends, Sean and Trisha (and their 6 week old baby.... I know, they are sooo brave for taking a baby camping), I never left my house until the kids were like 2!  (I obvi missed out on a lot!)
The day was good, I was very tired from the night before, but was just powering through.  We fished, hiked a bit (until I saw a BEWARE OF BEAR sign... then I was like, AWWWWE  NO!  I saw the Revenant!)  There was lunch (a hotdog... and I will never have one of those again), a game of Memory, I even held sweet baby cakes.  #memories

Brayden even caught his very first fish!  Today (two days later), he named him Snapper!
So thankful that my friend Trisha took this picture, because I completely missed this moment.
Ya see, I was in our camper.... sick.... as.... a...... dog!  Die!  All I could think was how am I going to escape this place and get home (did I mention I was an hour away from home)!  As I sat in the bathroom living my own "battle of the north and the south", I can hear all of the commotion outside as everyone is cheering for little mans BIG catch!  I was praying they would cheer louder and not hear me... of course that all stopped.  I cleaned myself up, asked man friend to come in, and told him I had to leave.  He encouraged me to leave at that moment (probably so he too would not DIE of embarrassment), so I could make it home while it was still a bit light outside (did I mention I did not even know how to get home)!  Sheesh!
He put me in the car and off I went.
All I could think to do is call my parents... here I am in Mark Twains forest, needing to vomit, and of course I feel I need to call friend!
Ridic!  I know.
So, I call up my parents crying, as if I really thought that they could help me at that moment.... and I should have known they would.  #ParentsWillDoAnythingForTheirBabies #EvenWhenTheyAre37 #OrAmI38?
As I was speeding home (yes, driving 70 in a 50ish area) they were headed to find me.
My 70 mph driving turned into 45.... hello!  Did #JaksWife (license plate call out) not realize that at any moment I was going to throw up some more hot dog or have diarrhea all over myself?
I finally made it to Arkansas... that's right people!  I was not even in my own state!  I finally made it to my state, still trailing #JaksWife (who is still not even going the speed limit), and it happened.   I had to stop the car and throw up!  That is right.  I am sure I would have been every cops dream at that very moment!  They would have for sure thought I was a drunk driver arrest fo-sho!
As I leaned against my car, looking at what was once lunch and snack, my parents pulled up!
My momma put me in the car with my dad and she drove my car home and he drove me home.
I was home within 15 minutes, and all I could do was.... well stomach virus things... and cry.
This lasted until the wee hours of this morning (did I mention today is Monday).  So far I have been much better today.  I was able to shower, clean sheets, and do a bit of laundry.  I am still in bed, but finally feeling like I will survive.
So, how has your month started?

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