Wednesday, April 26, 2017

New favorites....

Let's be for reals here.  My free time is spent talking with my people, cleaning up after them, doing laundry, or sleeping!  I do not have a lot of time to myself... except for the glorious hour I have after I take the kids to school and before I go to work.  During that time (I am just gonna be honest) most days, I. Do.. Nothing!  Here is another thing... I do not feel bad about it at all!!  I will sit on the couch, look at the FB, and watch an episode of Growing Pains.  It is my time and this is how it is spent.  Sometimes I will talk to my momma for about 1/2 of the time, but I am doing all of the other things while talking (I am a multi-tasker)!
Since my free time is spent in between 711-811 and going out and shopping just ain't happening, I have been finding some of the cutest sites online!  Just thought that I would share a few with you...
First things first...
In a few weeks, my cousin is getting married!  I am so ready to go and celebrate her... but I gots nothing!  Seriously, what to wear.  Last night I found this site Blue Chic Boutique, and I am obsessed!  I even found a few cute things, not for the wedding, but just for everyday!  It might be one of my new fav online shops!

 Before y'all start, yes, everything is blue!  Well, it is time you know... my favorite is blue!  Adore it!  Now, before you see the next outfit, it is a romper, and I know I have laughed at rompers and have said the only people that should wear rompers are young girls (like infants to 8 year olds)!  Here I am to say... I might like a romper!!  Maybe I could even wear one of these outfits to my 20 year reunion... more of that to come!!
New favorite things....#2
I have been a bit obsessed with the Bravo show, Southern Charm!
Now before you say, "Caryn, that is trash t.v.!"  Well, I know!  I love it though, and I just cannot not watch it, it makes me laugh and cringe all in the same episode!  Too funny!
One of my favorite persons on the cast is Cameran Eubanks...
I even follow her on Instagram!  Yes, I follow a person on Insta that does not know me!  It is sad... pray for me!  Anyways, Cameran (I just type that like she is a girl I work with) is too funny, is always having a fun time on the show, and is very stylish!  I love seeing what she is wearing and then I go to my closet and realize that.... well, I have too many cardigans, and I do not think cardis are Cameran's thing!  Ha #ImOld
Anyways, the jewelry she has been wearing on the show has just had me going ga-ga!  I looked it up tonight.. because I am a stalker, and found that the designer has a website, and I can order some very cute pieces, Lisi Lerch!  Yes, I would like 1 of it all!!

Such cute stuff!

Today, I received a few happies at work, and one has become a new obsession...
remember the store Bath and Body Works?  Y'all, I am just gonna let ya know, all through high school I overused the scents Sweet Pea and Plumeria!  I had the lotions and the shower gels!  Anyways, in my bag of happies was a small antibacterial bottle...
Stress Relief Eucalyptus Spearmint... and it smells so ah-mazing!  I need this in soaps, lotions, a bigger antibacterial gel bottle, and probably in a candle!  Seriously, ever other minute I just stop typing to smell my hands (I smell de-lish)!  Go getcha some!  #YoureWelcome  If you end up not loving it, then enjoy looking all through the store, I always loved how organized that place was!

My Moss called me the other night, which reminds me... I need to call her back.  Anyways, in the way back, we were talking all things movies and cute actors, who we would date, ect.  I started talking about Robert Redford....
ummmmmm, can we take a second and just think about Robert Redford....
such a dream boat (lame word, but he's a dream boat)
Anyways, in our discussion, the movie The Way We Were came up and I expressed how I had never seen it!
Moss was shocked!  She then stated that we must watch it next time it comes on!  Well, the other night it came on t.v. at 11 pm, and my Moss (who does not go to bed early, she is like a night owl, always on the FB) called to tell me it was on and that she is recording it for us to watch!
I love her, and I cannot wait to watch it with her!

Last... not that it is my favorite, just a reminder on Friday my marathon is happening!  The kids are excited, I am kinda hoping for the monsoon weather to keep up (does that make me a terrible person)?  I am as ready as I am ever gonna be, and if I pee my pants... so be it, I did it all for the good of the children, and if I die... well, I did not think that would be how it would happen.
If the later happens, then remind my 3 how I loved them fiercely and make sure that man friend does not marry anyone sweeter than me!
Night night my friends (smooch smooch)!

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