Monday, January 11, 2010

The Cheese Sleeps Alone

I was trying to be clever with today's entry, but o-well. I think it is actually the cheese stands alone!
Well, last night was very big for me. I set up the baby monitor in Sophia's bedroom, and I actually put her in her baby bed to sleep. This was terribly traumatic. I really thought that we(by we, I of course mean myself) were ready, but "we" were not.

At 830, I placed Sophia in her crib. The poor baby cried.

I walked away, thinking that she would cry herself to sleep.

I went to our bedroom and stared at the red lights flashing on the monitor! They were flashing so brightly as to tell me that, "hello, your child cannot do this, do you hear her??"

I went to brush my teeth and wash my face, and I told myself, "okay, if she is still crying when I am done, I will go and rescue her!" Well, I came back to the bed, about 4 minutes had gone by, and I could still hear her stirring and a little bit of whimpering. So, I walked to her room, peaked over her bed, and I saw the tears on her face. It totally broke my heart. Here she was just looking at me, and thinking why would I abandon her. I reached down to caress her precious face and she smiled. It made me feel a little bit better, maybe she still loved me. She grabbed onto my finger and I just let her hold it until she fell asleep.

I crept out of her bedroom and returned to mine and sat on the bed, holding the monitor, just listening to her breathing. I called my momma, in tears. She let me know that it is okay to not be ready for this and that I could go and get her. So, I went and picked up a sleeping Sophia and carried her to our bedroom. I held her for about 10 minutes as she slept. Then she woke up and smiled.

I could not handle it. Maybe we can try again in a few weeks, or she can begin to take her daytime naps in her room.

Needless to say, the cheese (Sophia) did not sleep alone! I just love cheese (Sophia)!
How old were your babies when you put them in their own room to sleep? Am I being too dramatic? (If you think that I am, you can go ahead and comment, but please note that I may erase your post! Do not worry, I will still love ya!!)

I hope everyone has a great day!


Julie said...

Hang in there. I'm not a typical first time mom. Our daughter Audrey was in her own room and crib by 4 weeks old. The Lord taught me a lot about letting go of control while we waited a year and a half to get pregnant and I knew He had his hands on her so I really don't worry about anything. We all slept better. You can do it :)

Pinkie Winkie said...

I don't even know you but I was so sad after reading this I had to comment.
Why do it if you're not ready?!?
My babies were in their own room pretty quick (couple weeks) because I slept better and they did too. But I think mommies need to all do what they feel is best for them and their baby! Every baby and mommy is different. :)

Nancy Bane said...

Dalton went to his own room at 6 weeks, and Jackson at 8 weeks. I wasn't quite ready for this, but was going back to work at that time...and you know what? They both started sleeping through the night when I did that. The WHOLE night. 10 hours!!

Sharon said...

You are normal! That is what I wanted to say first! :) It is so hard to move them! Everytime (all 3) it was hard for me. All of mine moved when they were a few months old. However, I DID do exactly as you typed about...daytime naps first. Then you can check on them as many times as you want and not feel like you are just leaving them.

Also, find a friend you can call as a distraction. I can't tell you how many times Martha and I have called and said "I need a distraction." I'm not saying let her cry for long, but when she is crying and you think she needs to even for just a few min, find something to keep you busy and distracted for those moments. Then you don't have to sit and just listen.

You are a great mother I'm sure!!

Marlene said...

aaaww that was so sweet! I'm glad I'm not alone on this. My lil Nate is 5 months and I thought I was behind on moving him to his crib! Also, he's my 3rd baby and that doesn't make it any easier. ((HUGS)) move her when you're ready.

rileysmama said...

Hi there, found your blog through Kelly and just wanted to let you know that our Riley didn't sleep in her bed until she was almost 9 months old. She is our first and I was just was not ready. The transition was so easy-in fact, I am pretty sure she was ready for her privacy!! Trust your heart and do what is right for you, no matter how anyone else does it!!

Mary Avery said...

I cried the first time JM was in his room and not in the pack n play in our room. He had just gotten too big. I cried b/c he was "all the way across the house and all alone"! Matthew has been napping in his crib but still sleeping in his pack n play in our room for the night. I just like having them near me, right next to the bed! It's ok!

She will eventually be big enough to be in her own room in her own crib in her own time and when you're ready too. After a while it was really nice to have our room back and be able to have the lights and TV on at night. But watch out, you could end up with baby #2 that way! ha!

Anonymous said...

hello my little drama queen! bahahaha, just kidding!!!! :) i think p was about 4 months....we did the whole 10 minute thing. we'll let him cry for 10 minutes and go get him if he doesn't stop. i think that first week was the hardest. he had been in the bassinet right by my side of the bed, i could just lay my hand on him to check on him and now, he was on the other side of the world. but it is a huge adjustment for both you and your little cheese head but hang in there, give it a few days and try again. maybe you could start her napping in there first and then move to night time???

ps. did you see leah's post about how wonderful the food AND PUNCH were???? i commented, check it. miss ya much!

Melody said...

I came across you from Kelly's Korner. I COMPLETELY understand! MORE than you know! My daughter turned 2 last Wednesday. She has only been sleeping in her own room (and it's still not always) for about 3 weeks! I don't know why it was so hard for me! I had this unnerving fear that she would die of SIDS or something in the night and when she slept next to me (she even slept in our bed) I at least could wake up in the night, roll over, and feel her breathing! It is SO hard! At about 8 months I actually had her in her own bed but we lived in a 50 year old home that had a plumbing issue. The plumber left a HUGE hole under our kitchen sink and we had mice (I know that's so gross) so during the "mouse hunt" we put her back in bed with us b/c I didn't want any mice getting into her bed (which i didn't think could actually happen but who knows when I found one in the diaper bag hanging on the rocker next to her bed). After that, my husband said he just didn't want her in her own bed so she has always slept with us (until about 3 weeks ago when we moved to a new home and made up her "princess room" which she loves). So, don't worry! It's just harder for some of us than others. (SO SORRY FOR THE NOVEL!!!)

Christy Oldham said...

Catching up on your blog. So fun to read! :) Andi first took naps in her bed during the daytime. Then at about 3 months old, we moved her to her own bed at night. We were waking each other up at night! As soon as we moved her, she slept through the night! That's how I knew it was right for us. Do what you are comfortable with! Love ya!