Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Project Time

Well, it's begining to look a lot like Christmas...everywhere you...Hey, wait a second?   Walking in a winter wonderland...  Christmas..?  winter wonderland?  Yes, in our forecast we are going to be in for an early Thursday morning of freezing rain, then it will be changing into sleet, and then the best for last....a few inches of snow!!!  Can you believe it?  I even had some flowers that were starting to come up in my flowerbeds, now, they are going to turn into ice cicles.  Boo.  I suppose I will spend this time getting to a few projects in the house.  Sounds like fun, I know.

1.  I bought this rocking chair and stool at a junk store for about $8.00, and I just see so much potential.  They would be so precious in Sophia's bedroom.  Her bedroom, yes, this leads to #2.

2.  I am thinking of painting another tree on Sophia's wall.  I would like for it to be a skinner tree and very branchy with some pink blossoms.  It would be very cool if I could paint some of the upper branches on the ceiling.  This is a large project, so it might be a few days before a photo is seen of that.  Here is the before...

Thoughts?  What would you do?

3.  Hang shelves in the laundry room.  Sorry there are not any photos, this is a boring project.

4.  Clean.  Notice this did not make the top 3...there is a reason for that.  I am so not in the mode to do that.  Just thought I should add it to the list.

5.  Writing....yea, this is so much fun to do!  It might be put ahead of the first project...

What do you do during times that you are shut in your home?  I may need some more things to do, in case we are snowed in for longer than a few days.  Think of poor Aron, he will probably be out working for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  So, I just took Aron and Sophia's photo so she can look at it and smile.

I think that Little Miss is feeling better.  She is definately all snotted out, and her cough is getting much better.  I decided to keep us at home again today.  Normally, we would have gone to Tuesday morning Bible study and she would go to the nursery.  But no, just another day in the house.  I did not want to be the mom that brought the snotty coughy baby to the nursery and have people call her "the infector"!

I hope that everyone is having a great week so far.  Please feel free to call, send emails, or comment to me and Sophia.  We might need something to do if we run out of toys to play with, songs to sing, movies to watch, books to read, ect.. entertain us!!

Love yal and stay warm if you are in the chilly areas!


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