Monday, February 1, 2010

She's Some Kind of Wonderful...

So, tomorrow I will be 6 months old!  I am so happy I can hardly see straight! 
 Lets see...what have I been up to?
  • I weigh 17 lbs and have just graduated into the size 3 diapers
Eating time is like my most favorite time:  in the morning I munch on rice ceral with a fruit, lunch I have a veggie and a fruit and then the same for dinner.  My mother says that I have a very healthy appetite.
  • I can sit up all by myself
  • I can roll from my back to my front and then my front to my back
  • I like to work on standing
  • I am so close to crawling, I can feel it.  Look my momma even caught me in action today...
  • I like to get out as much as possible (weather permitting).  I have been to church, playgroup with some of my buddies, I have seen the inside of a doctors office a lot more than I like to speak of (cold and an ear infection, I am turning into Steve Urkel), Abuelo's for my daddy's birthday dinner, I frequent my Honey, Granddaddy's, and Aunt Kitty Kats house, I have attended a few PEO meetings (these are my momma sisters (we have a large family?)), and a birthday party for my friend Harper!
I have been to other places, but I am only 6 months old, and I cannot remember some of the other places I have gone.
I am working on my dancing skills.
I can wave my hands in the air,
I wave them like I just don't care. 
I am getting 2 of my bottom teeth, talk about rough stuff.  I am such a drooler as you can see.
I am sleeping in my own bed!  This is so awesome to have your own room.  My momma and daddy are still having a hard time with this, but as long as I have my MamMaw Bear, I know that I am okay.
I am really growing up!!

We are so thankful for Sophia.  She is some kind of wonderful...

Love, Aron and Caryn

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Debbie said...

We are forming an Arkansas Bloggers group and would love for yo to link up to that. The link to the information is on my blog. The page itself is under constructions but should be up soon. Come check it out. There are absolutely no obligations.