Monday, March 29, 2010

Getcha Vote On

Okay, does anyone out there watch.................Dancing With the Stars??

Sophia is almost 8 months old, she's watching...

She is just mesmerized (and she is such a mouth breather)!

Chipper is a dog, he's watching....

This is not a joke.  My dog watches t.v..  He enjoys the hunting channels and the Dog Whisperer.  He normally sits in the chair with his nose touching the television.  I told him to not sit so close, it is bad for his eyes.

I am in my pajamas so there are no pictures of me, but I am watching.

Aron, well, he would probably die of embarassment if I posted a picture of him watching this show.  But he is so watching (Pam Anderson, but whatever).

Right now, I am loving the Pussycat Doll, Nicole Sher("ding ding ding"we have a winner)zinger 
(A little unfair, since she is totally an amazing dancer before she was even on this show.  But, I still like her, but I will save my vote (don't be a hater, I know the rest of the world is probably voting for her).

The Bachelor (Not a Fan! Sure that he is a swell guy, but not my cup of tea.  I will not be flying on the wings of love with this chachi.)

Chad Ochocinco!  Love Him!

Buzz Aldrin.  Love him, but just because he was able to walk with the stars does not mean that he should be dancing with the stars.  OMG, but he is so precious.  Could but him on the shelf in my kitchen.

Pamela Anderson.  Okay, so she is pretty, can dance, and she has those HUGE teeth.  Did yal see them, they are so sparkling white?  I wonder if she gets them bleached??  Humm.

Shannen Doherty AKA "Brenda Walsh".  Okay her tears on this show are almost winning me over.  She is trying so hard at the dance and making her dad so proud.  But I am still so mad that she dated Dylan and I did not!  I will give her another week.

Aiden Turner.  Who is this guy?  I thought that he did alright tonight.

Kate Gosselin.  I love her.  I do not care what everyone says, but she is trying and I hope that she will improve.  She looks so uncomfortable while dancing and she looks like she could vomit at anytime!  She will get my vote for another week.

Niecy Nash.  Do yal watch her on the Style Network? I might now.  She is funny.

Erin Andrews.  Okay, she is good.  Does anyone else think that she and her partner Max are having some sort of love affair a brewing??  I do!

Evan Lysacek?  He already got the gold medal, he does not need the dancing globe ball trophy thing too!

So, do yal watch this show?  Who do you like best?  Go on, getcha vote on!  Tomorrow, someone will be dancing their way off the show.  I think it is Ole Buzz.  Tune in and watch.

P.S.  Uncle Jesse (John Stamos) will be performing with the Beach Boys!!  I always loved whe Uncle Jesse sand the song Forever to Aunt Becky on their wedding. (I am so gonna put that on my ipod!)

Love Yal!



Sharon said...

I just want you to know that I love your blog and it makes me laugh! I love how you type it like you talk it! Great!!!

I do watch dancing with the stars and YES I think Erin and Max are up to something!! I said the same exact thing to Ryan last night when we were watching it. Glad to konw it wasn't just me!

I don't vote, just watch! Keep up the fun blog posts!!

Megan Malagari Long said...

I LOVE Kate too. Always have. She looks horrible dancing but I give her so much credit! Thanks for Loving her too! :) And I agree about Erin and Max, who wouldn't? I Love him too! ha!

Anonymous said...

friend, i am totally not a fan of kate!!! she looked so awkard last night! i like the nicole chick too...i missed the first part of it so didnt get to see 'brenda' and i totally wanted to barf when pamela anderson was on also. billy was watching it too but i think the same reason as aron!

and boomer watches tv also! especially when there are other animals on, it is so funny, she'll sometimes cock her head too, like she's really listening to what's going on-love her!!!!

Anonymous said...

oh and i love erin andrews!!! she's about the only one who attempts to wear clothing while dancing!

Cathy in nc said...

I see Chipper is a westie! We have a westie too and she loves to watch tv and knows What she is seeing! love those westies