Monday, November 8, 2010

29 Weeks

O-my goodness, only 11 more weeks with the belly!

I do not know what is going on with my bug like eyeballs. Sorry about the photo, maybe next week will be a little bit better!!

Here are the pregnancy stats!

I am 29 weeks, only 11 more to go! Hopefully I will make it until the end of January (but not so sure)

Size of lil man: BANANA, I love bananas!

Total weight gain/ loss: well, I know I wrote two weeks ago I have gained 5 lbs, but at the doctor today my sweet nurse Jen said I am at -2, so much for my scale!

Gender: BOY

Will the baby have a name? Yay! Aron and I have finally decided on a name. We are very excited about it too! His name is Brayden Samuel Foresee. We just L-O-V-E the name Brayden and Samuel is my PapPaw's name! We are pretty set on this!! A name, no more New Baby Foresee!

What attire can I fit in? Leggings, leggings, jeaggings, sweat pants and tunic tops!

Movement: All of the time. Now, Aron can sit across the room and see him almost jump out of the belly button, a little Aliens movie action!

What do I crave? crunching ice (this would explain the anemia), left over Halloween candy

What am I missing? sleep (awww sweet sleep), constant visits to the bathroom (yes, still suffering from pee-a-reea, this so has to be a real condition), a normal looking belly button (it is poked out so far (Sophia points at it)

What am I loving? feeling Brayden move and people loving on the belly, Aron and the constant back rubs, Sophia pointing at my belly and saying, "bubba"

Struggles: I have had a sinus infection/ ear infection for almost 2 weeks, but I am feeling much better (too bad Aron is getting it now), acid reflux, the contractions have been pretty rough but I was checked today and still not dilated (yay). I was told to take it easy (this is so hard when it is beginning to look a lot like Christmas!) I go back in to the doctor in 2 weeks unless I have 5 contractions in an hour! BOO!

Precious moment today: too many to count. I am just so thankful that God has given me and Aron this precious gift. I am counting down the days until I can see Brayden's most precious face.

And a photo for the family!

So thankful for her.

Love yal!



Anonymous said...

yea! a name! i love it!

KerryR said...

I LOVE the name! And you look so great!!