Monday, November 1, 2010

Nu-Nu-Nu-Nu-Nu-Nu, Ya Say It's Yo Birthday!!

This past Thursday, we celebrated my sweet Mama's birthday.

She turned, another year older (like I was really gonna put the number on here)!

We had a major shin-dig planned. There was a crowd of people (husband, her children, her Nicole (we love her like our own sister), and her Sophia), there was a sensational dinner (Mazzio's pizza), a chocolate cake, and a little bit of Jack (Bower, 24).

Yes, all my mama wanted to do for her birthday was stay in and play the 24 edition of the game Clue.

Here is the birthday girl reading the instructions. (we should all be paying attention)

can you feel the excitement??

Nicole figuring out how to cheat this game! (jk)

here is Katie hiding pieces, cheater! (jk)

Aron and I were so confused, seriously had no CLUE what we were supposed to be doing. He was my partner for the game. Huh, look at where he went after the instructions....

Richard playing the game.
We had such a fun time celebrating this wonderful day. I am so happy that I have a wonderful mother, who is also my very best friend. She is smart, funny, loving, kind, and I want to be just like her one day! Mama, thank you so much for being you!

Here we go.....hummmmmmmmm

Happy Birthday to You!

Happy Birthday to You!
Happy Birthday sweet Mama!!!

Happy Birthday to YOU!!

Love yal!!


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