Sunday, February 12, 2012

Red Shoe Diaries

Just another day in this crazy life! Today I spent a majority of the day going to baby showers and having some fun with girlfriends! It was a good day. I even caught myself a few times rubbing on my tummy thinking that I want another baby! (That all changed when I got home and saw that Brayden had the makings of what will soon turn out to be a black eye along with a snotty nose, Sophia was throwing a temper tantrum, and then I needed to change an incredibly gross diaper!) The joys of motherhood... I know!

Today, at one of my most wonderful amazing girlfriend's baby shower (we are welcoming Miss Stella Monroe this next month), I walked into the party late. I hate doing this, it always leaves me frazzled and feeling completely uncomfortable when everyone sees you walking in. I always find myself trying to smooth down my hair (which was wind blown), smiling overly big (exposing way too much gum) then I quickly stop smiling (this makes me look rude, but I was remembering that I just ate a Hersheys chocolate bar in the car), and then I always brush my hand over my zipper (just to make sure it is zipped!) Odd things.... I am aware. I am a nutball, what can I say!

In all of my crazy thoughts, I am watching my friend open some of the most darling gifts.... baby girls yal... talk about the cuteness with their crocheted hats and so soft blankets! I was making small talk with some friends, and thinking the whole time that my feet were killing me. Here I was out in public and not wearing my everyday tennis shoes, I was wearing heels! Red, 3 inch, snake skin, heels. Ridiculous! These shoes for sure do not scream baby shower attire, but I was a little excited about being around others and I knew a lot of the girls that would be there were old friends from high school/ college, girls that are still o-so cute, and skinnier than ever (thus I tried to step it up a notch, and suck in my belly the whole day)! So dumb and even more tiring !!

So, I walk over to sit by 2 girls that I have known forever, and one of them even said, "I love your shoes." I secretly smiled so big to myself! A praise for my shoes that are killing me! Feeling sooo good, since I was completmented, I stand up and walk to get some food (it was way past lunch time and I have not eaten). I take that first step and can feel something pulling on the bottom of my shoe. I scrape my foot on the floor, just thinking that it is paper or tape from the presents, step again, and it is still on my shoe, repeat....step, scrape. Get into the entry way of this house and I look down and realize that my shoe has fallen apart!!!

What in the world!!!

Lets review them again! Seriously??
So, I pick up my foot, not sure what to do (since the other shoe is completely in tact). I just folded the sole of my sad red shoe back to the correct position. I take a step and stumbled into the table and it sole flaps back off! It is incredibly ridiculous! I am already thinking about taking my shoes off, but then I remember these shoes are soooo stinky due to the last time I wore them I stepped in a huge puddle of water. So, I am just going to try to walk and not let anyone seeing my shoe drama! Then my whole walk begins to change. With each step the sole was flapping off causing me to nearly trip and fall. So then I thought that I would just have to make bigger steps (picking up my foot more and it was almost as if I was bringing my knee up to a marching position.... I felt like I was marching with a band or either walking like a flamingo! I am sure that I looked crazy! Then, I started just not even picking my foot up when I walked. That is right, I looked like I was dragging my leg... like it was dead or something! I am sure I looked like a crazy nightmare with my zombie walk! Needless to say, I could not even focus on anyone else but myself and my shoes! So, I left without pretty much saying anything to anyone! I came home to show Aron how I was walking and all he could do was laugh at me and say I looked crazy. Why do I even bother! Geez!!

So long red shoes. They are now in the trash!


Angie said...

Oh my gosh, you crack me up!!!

Brooke said...

I was there and did not even know this was happening! So sad when shoes fall apart! :(

Busana Muslim said...

I like your story, ok, i’ll bookmark this site and return here in next few days.