Thursday, February 2, 2012

Bright Sunshiney Day

Well, this winter weather is just crazy (and I ain't complaining just saying!)! It is such a blessing for a momma who is at home with the babies (all day) and who is needing to get them out of the house!! Today, we are having another one of those bright sunshiney days! My children just don't even know what to do with themselves. Each day, I am making myself get out of the house. I am taking the kids on a walks, pulling them along in their wagon, blowing bubbles, or coloring with the sidewalk chalk! Heck, Brayden even ate grass for the first time and then went for the ever so healthy and appetizing rock! It is so nice to just be outside playing. I also am glad the kiddos are using some of that extra energy... this just guarantees a NAP is in their near future!!Yes, the nose scrape. It is back. She did that last year. Earlier this week she was looking in the mirror and noticed that she had an ever so light/ barely visible scar..... well, then she scrapped at the poor thing and now we have this! Geez!

My boy is a lil bit of a punk rocker!!

Filthy! He just rolled around in the sidewalk chalk! A mess, I say! A mess!

With all of the time I was chasing Sophia, Brayden had some alone time with this box of cookies. He ate almost half of the box. This made for a happy boy!Running! She loves to say, "look momma, I running!" Then I have to stop everything and watch and cheer. She is almost gazelle like. Track star.... I think so.More cookies.
Happy day with my best girl.Love this time with my precious boy


Angie said...

I'm totally with you, this weather is nothing short of amazing. We have really enjoyed being able to get outdoors! Looks like you and the kids had a blast :)

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