Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Lil' Bit of Free Time

In the past week, I have had a lil bit of some free time come about. I know, I know. I have two small children, a husband who needs every bitta attention I am not giving to the children, a small dog who needs to be walked and fed, the shoppin', the fruit choppin', painting those cabinets, there's the laundry and those dishes, the cookin' and the cleanin' (okay, not so much cleanin'!), but yes, with all of those go-ins ons I have managed to find some free time! UNBELIEVABLE!!! How did I do it???? Well, last week, Lent began. Yal know what I am talking bout- LENT. I kind of understand that for 40 days (until Easter) Christians observe this time to really work on their relationship with Christ (through prayer, fasting, and giving up certain luxuries). Honestly, I have never given up anything in previous years, but I just thought since Jesus died on the cross for my sins, surely I could give up something for 40 days (and spend that time more focused on Him and working to better my relationships here in my home and with my family and friends. So for lent I gave up my social networking- that is right, no more Facebook and Twitter! Sounds so silly, I know! Who knew how much time I spent on FB and the Twit- well, it was A LOT! While my children would eat (I would tweet), while my husband would sleep (I am always awake so I would see what FB peeps were up to during their days), while I would have any moment of free time that I could have been spending doing something, anything, of worth, I would sit on the couch and focus on the lives and tweets of people who I do not even talk with on a daily/ weekly/ monthly basis! It is so crazy that I was spending so much time doing that and not spending that time on what is REALLY important. The first day was a little rough, I just kept picking up my phone to check on peoples status updates (can you have a fb addiction, if so, I might have needed treatment!haha!) One week later, I am not missing FB and Twit at all! Success! I have been spending more time reading the word- working on my Bible Study (that I have been doing at home)- I have played with my children more- finished my cabinets and soon to start more!- I have read 2 books- I am actually talking to my husband (really looking at him and having conversations (not looking at him while status' are updating). It has been such a good week Hope you are having a great week too!

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