Friday, February 10, 2012

These things are soooo hot right now....

Hummm? Really? That was my reaction to a segment on this mornings GMA. Today, they talked about the 5 wedding trends that are really big right now.

In case you missed it because you were:

A. Sleeping

B. Making/ eating breakfast in silence

C. Watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Let me be the one to tell you what is soooo hot with WEDDING DRESSES right now! The update left me.... well, I will let you be the judge. (If you were able to wear anything that closely resembled one of these pieces....well, you were just so ahead of your time, Bravo to you!!)

So... onto the wedding dress wonders/ woe nos!!

1. Sleeves. Ladies are loving the arm coverage! I am a fan too!

2. Slits. Slits up the front, the side, or the back. Showing a lil bit a leg is BIG yal! I don't know about yal, but I am not all about showing all the kit and kaboodle on my big day! It's a wedding peeps! The dress on GMA today, very pretty, I could just picture my MamMaw before the ceremony trying to stitch that dress up!! Ha!

3. Headgear!

Just kidding! Headpieces! Made famous by none other than Kim K. or Kate Middleton.

4. The pantsuit. Really?

This does not scream wedding to me, but to another it may just yell, "Here Comes the Bride"

5. A lil bitta color girls! I am not talking spray tans, and I am not talking about colors on the bridesmaids dresses, this is for the wedding dress!!

I love a wedding. It is something about waiting for the bride to make the big reveal, and what their dress for the "big day" will look like! Will it be wedding dress perfection??

Or... Should the bride have gone in a different direction???

Have you ever been to a wedding where the bride stepped out and the guests gasped for air or the guests were like, "o no she didn'!" I am usually the onlooker that is in awe of the beautiful bride, but I do wonder what my face woulda looked like if this came outta the doors???

Wedding dress love! That is what I feel about my dress...


If I had to wear it all over again (I could not, because it would not fit), but if I had to wear it all over again (to marry Aron, all over again), then I would!

So, do you still L-O-V-E your dress as much as you did on your wedding day? If you were shopping for your wedding dress TODAY would you still make the same choice? Was your wedding dress a story of wedding wonder and magic or was your wedding dress a tragic wedding WOE-NO!! If you are not married, do you already have the wedding dress details picked out? If not, hopefully, the above wedding trends from GMA will help to guide you!!!

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