Wednesday, January 11, 2017

He's not gonna like this...

and that is okay.  It is time all 10s of you know... tomorrow (which will be Thursday) is Aron's birthday!!
(Aron, please know it is not a big deal to share this kind of information, there are only 10s of people reading:  momma, possibly your sister, maybe Moss (if the link shows up on the FB), and well (okay, I was shooting for 10s, but maybe just 3s of people)!
Anyways, my man friend. it is your birthday!!
Right now, I am laying next to you in the bed (it is okay readers... this is a PG blog), and I have been staring at you (not in a creepy way where you should be worried or feel uncomfortable) but just looking at you while you rest (and snore), but you are so peaceful (and tired, very tired).  I am reminiscing over the past 12 years of knowing you, loving you, and celebrating you!  I am also praying that this year, year 37 will be your best one yet!
You are so very loved, and I am so glad I get to do life with you.
Happy happy birthday my precious husband... what would I ever do without you?


Diane Thompson said...

Well, I'm one of the 10s. I have followed your blog for years it seems. You crack me up! Happy Birthday to your hubby. Today is my hubby's birthday too!

Caryn C. Foresee said...

Diane!! Happy happy birthday to your husband!!!