Monday, January 2, 2017

May the force be with you...

Finally!  Today was the day for us to get to see Rogue One, and it did not disappoint!  I love that as soon as we got in the car (after the movie) the kids were quick to ask what we were going to see tomorrow?  I guess we have frequented the theater a bit over the break... but off to work Aron and I will go tomorrow, and then school starts back later this week.  (insert sad face)  Winter break has come to an end, and although I have enjoyed not having to pack lunches and take people to school, I know they are anxious to get back to see their friends.
Besides the movie, the day has been very low key.  I had BIG plans to pack up the Christmas décor, but somehow none of it got put away!  I guess another few day of glowing trees isn't so bad.  We spent the later part of the day playing our racing game, and I got sucked into this new Mariah Carey series.  I used to be all about MC back in the Vision of Love days, that was the best tape (yes, I had that on tape).  After 3 episodes, I made dinner.  We were so looking forward to bang bang shrimp pasta and there was nothing banging about it.  I should have known when I added 1/2 a cup of mayo that this would not be my best dish.
Well, it is 9 o'clock and the kids have been in bed for almost an hour.  Sophia has only come in 6 times to tell us she cannot sleep, and now the man friend has caved and she is now snuggled in between us (looks like I will be getting some awesome sleep tonight)!  I guess I am signing off here, the glow of the laptop will keep her awake and she is already asking what I am typing and trying to read it to me!
Day 2 of 2017... I consider it a success.

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