Friday, March 25, 2011

Bird poo

FYI, when I paint not all things turn out as I would like...

This is what I am calling bird poo. It was much worse. There was a lot of red, orange, and yellow. Now, after much scrubing of the wall... there is this. I must get it off! It is grossing me out! The toucan is turning out TOO-BAD!!

Note to self: If you are not feeling like painting, step away from the wall. Put the brush down. Leave the brightest and darkest colors on the tray. Go and wake up your children. Go and wash bottles. Go and mop the floors. Go and check the dog for ticks. Just please, please, please do not paint on sweet baby boys fun jungle wall!

Another unfortunate painting event happened today....

I have no idea what he is even about. He will soon be taken off of the wall!

Hopefully, the next post will be filled with jungleicious birdies and bugs.

Gotta go. Need ice cream to make me feel better, must restart the Carebear movie, and Sophia just dumped a drink down her front. I bet DiVinci did not have to deal with this stuff.

Love yal,



Lindsay said...

It's all soooo cute! I love the bug guy. He's precious. Don't erase it. I read the title of your post and I thought you got pooped on. I got pooped on by a bird last week so I thought we were both cool.

Thirsty said...

oh don't paint over the bug...he's delicious.
You crack me up girl.