Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A birdy and a baby...

After much scrubbing and re-painting, the bird is finally complete. He is a combination of a toucan/ macaw, and he looks much happier and prettier than the previous poo bird!

The jungle friends are coming along nicely. I really hope that B-man will like these animals. If not, looks like his daddy will be painting over this theme. Sophia ran in after her nap today, looked at the wall and shrieked, "bud!" (translation: bird, I will be writing that down as another word in her vocabulary!!)

I just had to post these sweet pics of Brayden, gosh I just want to eat him up!

Better go- hubby is making some delicious dinner, Sophia is crying for Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and I have some baby announcements to address. (Yes, I am a little late at getting them out. HELLO!! I am a mother of 2 under 2 (I have no time to go to the bathroom or wash my hair, so little mans announcements have been on the back burner. Here is a peak for yal!

Love yal!


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