Friday, March 18, 2011

A girl with a project.

So, here is the latest project. Well, I guess it is not the latest, I should have been working on it for sometime, but you know when you have a family, laundry, cooking, and cleaning projects take a back seat! Well, this one is getting ready to be placed in the front!

Here is the project....
Yes, it is Brayden's bedroom. Notice the sad looking wall behind the bed (that is just screaming to have something put on it!). I am getting ready to paint jungle animals on the wall, and hopefully, they will look like the animals that are on the bedding. I am very excited about this project. I figure that with a husband, two babies, a dog, and well everyone and everything else, that I should be done on a Wednesday (notice, I did not say what Wednesday or in what month or year!

Next, I am going to do paint the letters of his name to place on the wall. Ah gez, why do I do this to myself??? Times like this make me wish I would have named Brayden something short, like Ed or Al (not so many letters in a name....Brayden!)

Hopefully, I can get some valences hung above the window, and maybe find some cutesey shuzey things to spice up the room. Then purchase a monitor, and we will be complete. Yay, then I can move this baby into his own bedroom!!!

So, how long did you let your baby sleep in the room with you (and your husband)? Please say that you have waited as long or longer than I have! If you did not and immediately when you came home from the hospital you put your baby in their crib all alone in their room, lie to me!

Hope that you are enjoying your day. The weather here is warming up and the first day of Spring is on Sunday!! What a weekend-

Love yal!



Beth said...

Ha!! With our first daughter, she was in her crib in her own room from day one. Our second daughter is now a week away from being 3 months old...and is STILL in our room. EEEK! I have gotten lazier with this one...I don't want to walk across the house to feed her at night!! And I'm totally paranoid that something will happen to her in her sleep...

So yeah, you're not alone! :)

Tracy said...

Caryn, both of my girls are still in our room. So sad I know! They dont stay little long though