Friday, March 4, 2011

The Cutest Little Thing!

This past week, Brayden and I were so excited to receive a package in the mail! I am "that girl" that looks forward to seeing our sweet mail lady everyday at 1:15! She brings cards from friends and family, junk mail, junk magazines, coupons for formula and diapers, and on Tuesday, I was extra pumped to see her because she did not deliver any BILLS (hooray!)!
The package was really for little man, but I was happy to open it and find the "cutest little thing"! From the looks of the photo, he was just as happy!

My precious friend Christy Orr Oldham (whom we used to call coolots (this also is a term for the ever so popular 1970 style gaucho pant)) sent little man the sweetest monogrammed onesie. It says "Future Tiger", and is so adorable! The tiger was our high school mascot, and we are still in the Tiger Town today. Hopefully, little man will follow in his daddy's footsteps and wear a tiger jersey!

So cute!

Thank you Christy!

Brayden just loves his new outfit! black and gold are so his colors!

Christy has the cutest website on etsy:

She is so talented and makes such cute things, yal should definitely check her out!

Love yal!

Caryn and the Little Tiger!


Missy Schranz said...

OH, how cute! I love tigers, too. Your blog is so cute! Stop in and say hi when you can to my blog: http:;//


Claire said...

Oh how sweet! I love little gifties!