Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hand Cramp-

Well after two days of steady work (steady, meaning during nap times and painting while Sophia is eating) I am about half way finished. After many hand cramps, here is another peak.

The vine that connects the two trees....humm. I plan on attatching ribbon (nothing to feminie) to the letters of his name and make it look like they are hanging off of the vine. I will also add a monkey and a tucan (the animals from the bedding).

Then there are the letters. I must say that each one is nothing like the next, there are not any matchy matchy colors (which is starting to bother me now, but o- well).

Yes, there is a Dr.Pepper can in the photo, it is what helps me get through the painting.

Love yal!



Matt said...
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KerryR said...

I love it! You are so talented!

Lindsay said...

So cute!

Mom2One said...

What a lovely room! My son shares the same name. His dad's name is Brady, so we spell it Bradyn. =) It's commonly mispelled....should have known...lol

Your lil' man is just precious!! I'm your newest follower. Hope you can come by my blog @ http://www.swonderful2beme.blogspot.com. =)