Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Beach Baby

Did I mention that we just love having fun at the beach? Well, we L-O-V-E it! Each morning we would wake up at around 5 have breakfast about 730-8 and then the rest of the day was spent relaxing and playing in the pool or the beach. Just love a beach vaca!!

Warning: This post will contain a lot of skin but lots of cuteness!!

I heart her!!

Love him too!!

Jason holding Sophia. What is my mother pointing at? Don't you think that they look a little concerned about what is in the water??

Dad and Mom. They could stay out on the beach all day until the sun sets!!

We would fill a pool up of water for Sophia to play in! She loved it!

Daddy and Sophia building a sand castle!
Chillin at the beach!

Granddaddy taking care of his girl!

Not a fan of the sand, but he enjoyed himself!

Splash time!

She loves him!

Practicing kicking

Uncle Richard swimming along

On the way to another day at the water!
This is what these two would do everyday after spending time outside! I spent this time reading books in bed. O how I love it when these two get a good nap!

I must look away from this picture, because when I see it it really makes me want to have 4 more of him.

Look away...

Look away!!

Okay, that is over!

We had such a fun time at the Turquoise Place. It had two pools, a childrens pool, it is right on the beach (so nice), and it had a lazy river (which we did not discover until the last day or 2 that we were there). Such a blast. Looking at these pictures makes me wanna go swimming right now!!

I heart the beach!


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KerryR said...

Okay, that picture of Brayden is the cutest thing I've ever seen! Love it!!