Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Just one of those days....

when I have been forced to eat and drink!

Do yal ever have one of those days?

The ones where you would like to hit the rewind button!!

I honestly should not even be typing this out, but I figured if something were to happen to me (nervous breakdown and I am put in a loony bin, I pass out from the horrendous stench of poo diapers my precious is producing, or I over dose from the massive amounts of sugar I am putting into my body) yal need to know what drove me to it and why I would not be updating the blog! Ha! Seriously

My sweet girl has a very upset stomach (from teething or a bug, not sure) but it has given me a reason to bathe/ shower her 3 times this morning, change her sheets and wash 7 babies, wash a pillow and multiple outfits, mop the kitchen floor, bleach the kids bathtub, and now wash my sheets/ comforter. (Thus the intake of sugar, to keep me going!!)

Positive note: Brayden is taking a nap

Praying I can keep it together until Aron comes home (did I mention he is on call...BOO!)

Hope all is good in your neck of the woods!


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