Friday, March 2, 2012

My Little Own Trail of Tears

Well, it has been a productive day. I got those children dressed and fed and out of the door by 10 o'clock. The day got better when Honey and G-Daddy said that they could watch the kids for a bit so I could run to Belk and look for a new dress (one that I can wear comfortably and breathe in/ yes, most of my clothes are snug and reveal the craziest looking- post babies muffin top that no pair a spanks can help- be jealous!!). The shopping trip was a success, 2 dresses and 3 shirts, I almost felt as if it was my birthday.
On the way to pick up the kids, I stopped and got us all Chick fila (ummm, Chick fila) and then off at the grocery for EL Fudge cookies (ummmm, cookies) (sorry the stop for cookies, but they make everything so much better. I then spent a wonderful time at momma n nems house, the kids played and I got to visit with 1 of my bruthas, my mutha, and daddy. Good times.
2:30 rolls around and I notice the kids are looking a little weak eyed and I say it is time to head to the house. These children are gonna nap (I am the new nap enforcer and now a days I make my children take a nap (around 2 ish, it is complete quiet and happiness at my house during this time).
Well, we get home, I take B-Baby to bed, he is already asleep. Sophia runs around the house, sits on the couch, jumps off the chair, runs around the kitchen, jumps in the laundry (as if it is a pile of leaves)- ya catch my drift (my child is full of energy, still! Those darned cookies! Sheesh!
After 15 minutes of the fun, I tell Sophia, lets go get a blanket and it is time for a nap. I go to pick her up and I smell poop. (Ya have kids, this is normal- ya don't have kids this could come at an odd thought to think when you pick up a child).
So I ask my precious one, "do you have a dirty diaper?"
Precious one answers, "no."
So, not believing my precious one I check her diaper. No Poop...?
I check myself (no, I did not have a poop diaper, I was checking my clothes people!!) Sheesh!
So, I put Precious Angel baby down on my couch and she puts her sweet precious angel baby shoes on my lap. I put my hand on a shoe..... I have located the poop.
I guess while my precious girl played outside for 10 whole seconds before she was put into the car to go home she stepped in some sorta feces! Grrr! The smell is atrocious!
I then looked at my carpet, which itself is a poo brown color, and am thinking of all of the places that this child has ran in the past few minutes! Vomit in my mouth!
Well, during this naptime I had hoped to read the second Hunger Games book, but nooooo! I have been on my hands and knees, crying and dry heaving, (my little own trail of tears or should I say trail of poop), cleaning... spraying.... blotting.... scrubbing.....spraying more.... blotting more... and rewashing the 4 loads of clean laundry that I should have folded earlier in the week.
Yes... this is my life...
This is the kind of stuff that people do not tell you about before children.
Note to self: call carpet cleaners
New house rule: shoes off at the door

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