Sunday, September 8, 2013

A place to rest my head....

Over the past few months, I have really wanted to do something with our bedroom furniture.  I do not want to go and purchase new things (since what we have is great) so I just decided to break out the paint the other night and up-do change up our bed.

Now, I kinda hated to do this to the furniture, seeing as how my parents purchased this for me (when I was still living with them, and they let me have it upon my departure).  I know it is wonderful quality stuff, but y'all the stuff is dark!
So, presto change-o, it is just like we have a new place to rest our head

Project:  Up-do my house is still in full swing.  We have lived here for almost six years, and honestly all we have done in our home is paint the walls.  Over the past few months, I have really decided that I guess we really live here, and it is time to put my stamp on our place and make it "our home"!
There is much that I really want to do in our home, but we cannot do everything at the same time.... takes some mucho dinero (if ya know what I mean)
Some of my plans include:
new wall colors and paint ceilings (Aron if you are reading that, ignore, I will somehow paint ceilings myself or find someone else to do so, I mean really, how hard could it be).
paint baseboards (white!!)
paint kitchen cabinets (check)
paint all bathroom cabinets (1 down 1 to go)
paint mantle (cha ching)
I want brick floors.... in my entry, fireplace, and in my kitchen (I think I could do this myself, I am convinced I can do anything myself)
new furniture (o wait, I cannot afford new stuff, so I will be painting and up doing whats I gots! Ya dig?
Sophia is over flowers and would really like My Little Pony's on her wall (note to self, do not ever agree to do such things for your children, if they know you can produce such things, they will remind you everyday until Rainbow Dash and Applejack are front and center on the wall)! Ha!
I am thinking about making Bray's room into a Toy Story bedroom (this makes me excited and I know will make him squeal with delight, little guy loves Buzz and Woody)!
Wood floors..... dreaming, but if we came into some money I would love wood floors.
Anyone else changing up their living spaces into happier living places?

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