Tuesday, September 3, 2013

What a "Soo-ieet" day!!

It is one of my most favorite times of year again!  Arkansas Razorback time!  This past weekend the Razorbacks played their first game of the season, and won!  Woo Pig!
We had so much fun and so many soo-ieet moments from the day!
 Our little friend Holden, Red just loved on him!

 The tailgate site... did I mention it was 100 degrees!?

 My Moss, probably the only person to wear a denim jacket in this super hot weather!  You must always look your best when calling those HOGS
 Our walk to the game!
 Everybody (but Moss and Uncle David) call.... those.... HOGS!

 Bray watching the game
 Having a football chat
 Love that they were acting so soo-ieetly this day!
 My love
 My baby brother
 Adore her
 Momma and Nicole
 My nephew Aidan and lil man
 My niece Annalee, SIL, and Sophia trying to watch the game, if I would just stop it with the pictures
My daddy


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