Monday, September 30, 2013

Paint... Shmaint. Revampin' Our Place

As of late, I have been making some changes in our place and making it a happier space.  For years, I have been looking at books, magazines, blogs, and trying to figure out what is my style.  It has taken some time, but I have finally figured a few things out.
1.  I am not a big spender (so I am constantly searching for the best way to do things).... so far, the best way is to do them myself.
2.  I have design A.D.D..  I cannot (Aron will vouch for me here) cannot!  finish a room.  I will start a space and then move onto another room.  It makes him a little nutty, but this is just how I roll.
3.  I am finding that we have great stuff, but I think our stuff is looking way cooler with a little bitta paint.  That is right, I am a paint-aholic
Take a gander at some of my fancy shmancy updos!  Seriously, just a little bit of paint can do so much.....
This was my grandmother's kitchen island.  She gave it to me many many years ago.  It was too big for her kitchen, but it was perfect for mine.  So, she made me a trade!  I can never get rid of it, but have often wanted to slap some new paint on it and darken the top...
 When we moved to our new home, almost 7 years ago, my parents gave Aron and I this old armoire.  It was a great piece of furniture, nice cherry wood.  It was so nice and just so very cherry.  Over a year ago, I called my girlfriend, Billie, who owns The Green Label in Bentonville, to come over and make it something beautiful.  She is in amazing painter and has inspired me to do so much in my own home.  She painted it red then a green on top of that, and it looked beautiful.
 This past week, I decided to change it up a bit and add some turquoise color and dark wax....
This is my mantle....
after a little TLC....

 I have many ideas for the master bathroom...
right now it has goldy brown Venetian plaster and oak cabinets...

Now, we have grey with touches of silver and a white wash.  I am in love and we will be painting the walls as soon as I can get to that!

I have been working on many other things, but I will just add those to a later post.  Here are some inspiration pictures that I have come across from Houzz or magazines.
Brick floors.... I am in love with all things brick.  I want them in our entry and in our kitchen.  What do you all think?  Is brick a good thing?  I have been researching how to lay them, and I think I could totally do this.  Definitely a blog post about this in the future.  Here are some beautiful pictures I have found.

 I would love to have lighting above our bar, and I love the look of these.  Right now we just have can lighting... BOO!
 I... LOVE... BRICK!!
 This painted piece is lovely.
 I am currently transforming our bedroom furniture into all white.  Sorta like this photo.

 I think in this picture I just loved the distressed mirror.  I am all about distressing my furniture.
 I really like the pop of color and the original wood with this piece.
 brick fireplace... once again, I think I could do this myself.
 I am all over this white molding, in fact, I really want to paint all of our baseboards white, I think it will brighten up the place.  Thoughts?  To paint or not to paint??  That is the question.
 Curtains...  Yes, I will be attempting to make curtains and I love how these are ceiling to floor length.  I think it makes the room just look pulled together having a nice window treatment.
 screen door?  Yes please.
 Not sure why I liked this picture, but just thought it needed to be posted.
 I really like the picture grouping look.  I have odd spaces on walls that I need to cram in a few pictures on.

 I will be painting our bar stools, and I just love the look of a little seat cushion or cover for them.

 I just love this look.
It is so late, but I am now feeling energized looking at all of these inspiration pics!  Maybe I will paint something before bed!


Angie said...

That island is a beautiful piece of furniture. Painting it gave it a whole new look!

Kasey Herbers said...

You are doing so many amazing things to your house! I would really like to use your paint/wax method on my bathroom cabinets. Can you give me the steps you take to get that affect?