Monday, September 16, 2013

Cheers to 7 Years!

Seven years ago, today, I met up with all of my bridesmaids, we had just gotten our hair done and eaten some lunch, and now we were on our way to the church.  Only problem.... I had forgotten my dress!  So we arrive to the church to get ready for pictures, and I think it all finally set in....Umm, I am getting married (enter school girl screechy scream here!)  I could not believe it!  I was going to be Mrs. Wesley Aron Foresee.  We would get married.... I would go on a vacation (with a boy and no parents to chaperon)... when I get home I would be moving in with said boy.... we would have 7 children (4 boys that look like Aron and have his sporty genes and 3 daughters that have my wit and happy heart, seriously a match made in heaven)!  I was so excited.  I was so nervous.  I was a little emotional (Lord only knows why?  I was only moving a few blocks away from my parents and would still talk to them 7 times a day, but I was just a little weapy that I would no longer be their baby.... I would be their married baby.)  Anyways, I was getting married in two hours, and I could not have been happier.  My girls were getting dressed, and then I looked around thinking, "humm, maybe I should do that."  Well, I forgot my dress.  I forgot my shoes.  I forgot everything.  Praise Jesus I could call my parents (who were terribly busy, entertaining family and getting ready themselves), they quickly brought my stuff.  Until then, I just stared in the mirror for what seemed like hours applying lip gloss (I was nervous, and I felt like I needed to be slathered in Lancome's Juicy Tube).
 Finally, the dress. vail, and shoes arrive.  I could dress!  I was so excited to show my friends the dress.  Brooke looks terrified the back had a bajillion tiny buttons she was getting ready to button!  Bless her heart.
I was dressed and the butterflies started!  Momma was so proud (probably because she would soon be able to rest).  I just love her face in this picture.  She radiates happy to me!  That quickly changed as I bent over to do my shoes and she screeches in her southern voice, "Caryn, do you have on lime green stripe underwear?"  Me.... "Yes".  "Caryn, the whole town of Bentonville will be able to see those lime green panties, I'll just call your daddy to go get you a new pair."  I... WAS... DYING!  My father (my sweet daddy, was getting ready to go get me a pair of underwear for me to wear on my wedding day, out of my packed "honeymoon" suitcase!  Sweet Jesus, he needed some prayers (I'm sure he was scared for life"
On the other side of the church... my future husband awaits.  To this day, I have no idea how he was feeling, was he nervous?  No clue, Aron is not a super big talker (so, he was probably just sitting around... quiet).  He is my love!
We decided to see one another, by ourselves, before the wedding.  It was a very sweet moment.
As soon as I saw him walking up the stairs, I just could not wait to hug him.  I was so ready to start this journey, and yes, I only had to wait an hour longer, but it was an hour too long!  I was getting married to my best friend!
I had never been more sure about anything...

It was a special occasion, because it was also the 50th anniversary for both of my grandparents.  So, not only were we celebrating our marriage, but the success of theirs.  50 years is such a long time, and I have learned so much from all of them.

I guess our wedding party could be seen as a bit large, but whatev.  We are a lover of family/ people.  We wanted all to be a part of this time.
The junior bridesmaids... my cousins and baby sister.
 The groomsmen and bridesmaids
 The pictures were done and it was time for the ceremony.
My brothers and momma.
When I came out of the bridal suite and was getting ready to make the big walk down the aisle, I had such a precious moment with my daddy.  It was just us.  I just started to cry.  I have no idea why.  Maybe it was just seeing the first man in my life.  The man who first held my hand and had taken care of my for 26 years.  It was emotional, and he was now giving my hand to this other guy.  He did not cry, just a little teary eyed.  I was a wreck!  He just reached into his pockets, flipped them out, and said, "honey, I don't have anymore money."  It was funny, and broke up the tears!  That Mike Curry, he is such a kidder.
 I just giggled and smiled the whole time.  I think I was so excited I quite possibly could have exploded.  Did y'all feel like that on your big day?  I am pretty sure Brother Phillip thought I was a nut!
 Our reception was at the church.  We invited the church, and we were blessed with having them be able to come.  I wish I could post all of the pictures, it has been fun to look through them today and see so many family/ friends that were there to support us.
The cake.  I remember it to be delicious and above all beautiful.  Momma and I sure did know how to select a cake.
Aron's cake was gone with in a few minutes (we did not get any of it, but seeing as it went quickly, I think that it was pretty tasty)!
The garter.... can we say awkward.... Hey lift up my dress in the Lords house... moving on

 Next, we hosted a big dinner and dance that ended well into the night.  It was wonderful
We danced... to Keith Urban, I'm Gonna Love You.
 Aron and his sister, LeAnne
My dance with daddy.... My Girl.
Momma had to join us to break up the tears.
What have I learned in 7 years, a dog, two babies. There are fabulous days and there are moments that I would like to erase, but above all I married my best friend, for better for worse, in good times and bad, for richer and poorer, and I love him more than I did September 16, 2006.  That Aron Foresee, he swooped in and stole my heart and has made me so happy.  I love you!

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